Tony Petitti named Big Ten Commissioner

I’m no fan of Warren, and he definitely goofed here, but I’m a little wary of an article about the major screwups of this deal coming from the major media outlet that is now the direct competitor of said deal.


Here’s the link to the article.

Kevin Warren was a train wreck. If I were the bears I would run not walk away from him.
Just another screw up by the horrible choice for commissioner. He should never been hired.
What I also didn’t like about Warren was his style. He always came off as an insincere BSer to me. Puffed up. Delaney was very frank, real. Uncle Jim was the best.
To me, he acted like an NFL executive. can make whatever decisions with no accountability. Kings of media and sport.
College is more of a collaborative environment, and it didn’t seem he wanted discussion/ collab. with colleges.