Virginia 70, Illinois 61 Postgame



Score doesn't reflect how close the game was. Great defensive energy but Virginia is also a top class defensive team. Game really hinged on not reviewing the hook and hold. No idea how you don't even go take a look at it.
It was a great game until the final few minutes when refball took over. Don't feel too bad because our young players can learn from it.

My homerism aside, I feel for the tragedy that UVA communities have gone through and I hope this hard won game brings them some semblance of respite on such tragic times.
I don't think we're playing terribly well. Lot's of turnovers and spotty defense.

However, you can certainly see a ton of talent on this roster. Between the talent and the spurts of outstanding play, you can tell this team will be very good when they put it all together.

We should be excited that we're going toe to toe with some really strong teams while not really clicking on all cylinders.


Did we score only 4 points in the last +3 minutes? But good effort by the team.
Good learning experience for the four freshman (including Dain here). This was like a big ten rock fight. You will play these types of games against Purdue, Iowa, Wisconsin, Penn State, Rutgers and Indiana. UVA just had better basketball players than those teams. Get used to the grabbing, holding, and punching.

The Galloping Ghost

Washington, DC
Got away from playing Harris. Our coach played their game Instead of playing ours. Hawkins and RJ need to grow up fast. Also on Meyers I’m embarrassed by that hook Meyers was trying to get. :(
It's Mayer and it was definitely a hook-and-hold. It absolutely should have been reviewed. I'm more concerned about MM's shoulder, though.