Vontae Davis passes away at 35



Tiny Illini
The basement of the Alamo
Dammit. I just saw it on ESPN and I'm so upset. He seemed like a good dude. May his memory be a blessing.
Only the good die young.
One of the stars of the 2006 Rose Bowl team.


Vontae really was one of those guys that made me an Illini football fan in my formative fan years. RIP and condolences to the family.


Urbana, IL
This one hits hard. I loved Vontae Davis as an Illinois and Colts fan. As far as I can tell, there hasn't been a release on cause of death, but this hasn't stopped the peanut gallery from throwing out speculation. Please, be a responsible and respectful human being and give the family some privacy and do not start rumors based on what you think it probably was.
Seeing this news again this morning was even worse than seeing it for the first time yesterday. RIP.
Wtf - he was younger than me, I remember seeing him play during that glorious Rose Bowl season in 2007 while at U of I for grad school.

Condolences for his family & friends, this is pretty terrible news šŸ˜¢.

Yup, lotta good memories of those years --Zook recruited some amazing players.