Vontae Davis passes away at 35


Been refreshing for a few minutes and not seeing any other confirmation online. Hoping for a very very ill-advised April Fools joke


Centennial, CO
But how?! He's so young. Way too young. I hate seeing anything like this about a former Illini, and he was a great one. RIP
Awful news! Vontae was a favorite of mine. Seeing his chase down when it happened remains one of my all time favorite plays.


Mountain View, CA, United States
Wtf - he was younger than me, I remember seeing him play during that glorious Rose Bowl season in 2007 while at U of I for grad school.

Condolences for his family & friends, this is pretty terrible news šŸ˜¢.
I'm on the younger end for this board, and that 2007 Rose Bowl team he was on was the first season I have memories of growing up and it was the season I went to my first Illinois game. Davis was without a doubt my favorite player on that team. He was honestly the reason I started paying attention to the NFL beyond the Bears. I was still too young at that point to know what was going on, but I was watching it and it was because of Vontae. Condolences to his family and friends. RIP