Week 10 Games



Week 10 news & games thread

Saturday, November 4th

Wisconsin at Indiana
11:00am CT - BTN

Nebraska at Michigan State
11:00am CT - FS1

Ohio State at Rutgers
11:00am CT - CBS

Kansas State at Texas
11:00am CT - FOX

Iowa vs Northwestern (Wrigley Field)
2:30pm CT - Peacock

Missouri at Georgia
2:30pm CT - CBS

Penn State at Maryland
2:30pm CT - FOX

Purdue at Michigan
6:30pm CT - NBC

Washington at USC
6:30pm CT - ABC

LSU at Alabama
6:45pm CT - CBS
Walters/Purdue...sounding off on scandal before today's match....Watch for UM to run up the score.
Wouldn’t it be awesome if they couldn’t though? Like they actually ARE demonstrably worse without sign stealing?

Sort of like someone becoming over reliant on coffee and then having to quit cold turkey and always dragging/having a headache.

A guy can hope.
It will certainly be an interesting day. Will scUM fall back to their pre-Stalings performance w/o stolen signs, maybe losing to Purdue? Will NW stop Iowa’s flaccid offense, maybe defeating them? Will we survive the first half w/o Newton?
Today's schedule involving the state schools:

-South Dakota at SIU, 1:00 PM, ESPN+
-WIU at Northern Iowa, 1:00 PM, ESPN+
-EIU at Lindenwood, 2:00 PM, ESPN+
-ISU at Missouri State, 2:00 PM, ESPN+


Herndon, VA
Clemson showing ND what for at 31-16 mid third.
Spoke too soon.
now 31-23.
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Herndon, VA
Will wisky do to indy what they did to us? We shall see. The table is set.