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There is zero chance that we go over the Fiscal Cliff permanently.

Smart play for the House would be to extend everything including current tax rates for high income earners and cap gains and dividends. Bundle it all up, pass it, and leave for Christmas. Let Senate either take us over the fiscal cliff and own it or pass it and extend the Bush Tax Cuts another 12-24 months. Put some fun stuff in there like aid for the disabled and an increase in education spending so that if the Dems vote against it, they can be crucified publicly for ruining Christmas.

This would make sense if the media were "fair and balanced". The Republican House passed budgets and other bills that Harry Reid wouldn't even bring up for a vote. Yet it was the Republicans who were labeled "obstructionists" by the President and his minions. And this president's idea of compromise was displayed early in his first term - "I won". It's either his way or the highway. (I'm also not sure why we need more federal education spending, but I get the point).
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