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Who's going to pay the owners of these guns? My best friend has bought and with all the upgrades to his AR15 spent around $3000 on his rifle. Most people spend that if not more, they're just going to take their guns and say "sorry about your poor investment choice"? I'm not even being political right now, I truly want to know if rifle owners will just be SOL,
I'd bet anything we will never have to find out. Door to door confiscation of guns just is not going to happen.

Simple common sense goes a long way, sadly most of the country has forgotten to use it. If you read the background stories of these mass shootings many times you see that there were plenty of warning signs that these individuals had issues. Parents, school officials, etc need to step in when these people need help.

And for God's sake either lock your guns away and hide the key, or better yet give the damn things to the police if you have a family member with emotional/mental/drug/anger mgmt issues.
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