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    Ayo Dosunmu has big decision to make about NBA

    Scott Boras /s
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    A different kind of bracket challenge

    When I saw 5 Guys that was it for me for the champ.
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    Big Ten Tournament Canceled

    I guess we don't have to wonder if we are playing Minn or Iowa. s/
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    NCAA Tournament Bracketology

    Recency bias should not play into who gets into the tourney; however, it may affect seeding. NET has us sitting as a 8 or 9 seed, but I think we get a higher seed based on how we've played since January and the teams we beat especially on the road. Could be wrong though as my wife reminds me...
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    Illinois 59, Minnesota 51 POSTGAME

    However, we are ranked also.
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    Illinois 59, Minnesota 51 POSTGAME

    Looking at the playing time Kofi got his rest. /s
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    Illinois Loyalty Location Census

    Thank you so much for your service.
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    Game Thread: Illinois at Michigan

    72-63 Beloved. Sole possession for first place. Gotta love it.
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    Illinois Loyalty Location Census

    Thank you all who served in the military. Also, thank you for those who work for the DOD and first responders.
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    Illinois Loyalty Location Census

    Grew up in Kewanee after 22 years in the Air Force now in Colorado Springs.
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    Illini Basketball 2019-2020

    Winning cures all. BU changed his philosophy on defense and we are seeing good results for that. I-L-L
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    Chicago Cubs 2020 Season

    Bi But could he frame the ball in left field /s
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    NFL Thread 2019-2020

    Kaepernick and Hunt are 2 completely separate situations. Hunt committed a crime, Kap was "standing up" for his rights. As a retired Air Force member, I defend Kap for his right to do what he did, although I don't agree with it one bit. Employers have the right to hire and fire employees and...
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    Pregame: Illinois vs Lewis (Exhibition), Friday, November 1st, 8:00pm CT, BTN+

    If I remember correctly, Donovan Oliver is from Kewanee, my home town, and wanted to come to the beloved. We did not offer him though and he is at Lewis. Watch out for revenge.