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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread

    Don't you mean fix the narrative to fit the pieces?
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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (Week of April 1st)

    That he is leaving is apparently pure speculation. People repeat something over and over and in some people's mind it becomes fact.
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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (March 2021)

    Yes, I'm way past tired of the faux Miller controversy or whatever is going on here. Take it to the appropriate thread. I don't want to have to wade through all that to find out information on recruiting.
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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (March 2021)

    Are you not factoring in that he may want a degree.
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    Illinois 82, Iowa 71 Postgame

    Fantastic! Thanks for sharing that.
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    Illinois 82, Iowa 71 Postgame

    That 4th foul was a bad call. The ref who called it was behind the play and couldn't see it accurately. It didn't look like Kofi fouled him. And that foul call on Trent was also a bad call.
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    Illinois 73, Ohio State 68 Postgame

    I remember watching those guys on TV with my parents in Central Illinois. That's when I became a fan; lasted all my life despite decades of distractions. I always come back to my roots as an Illini BB fan.
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    Illinois 73, Ohio State 68 Postgame

    I agree, bad calls, could have tipped the outcome.
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    Illinois 73, Ohio State 68 Postgame

    The fouls I object to are ones were Kofi is on defense standing stationary with his arms straight up. An offensive player is driving toward the hoop, initiates contact; foul on Kofi. I can clearly recall a time that happened, his 3rd or 4th foul; I expect it happened more than once. It's not...
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    2/10 Games

    Don't forget about all the missed FT.
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    Illinois 75, Indiana 71 OT Postgame

    I couldn't believe coach kept playing him. He was making lots of mistakes and doing nothing on offense. I really don't understand how many miniutes he is getting when not playing well.
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    Illinois 80, Iowa 75 Postgame

    I noticed it at times during the game whenever the camera showed him on the sideline. Lately, he doesn't seem to be the happy-go-lucky person he usually does. His game also seems off when he gets on the court.
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    Maryland 66, Illinois 63 Postgame

    Maryland play a very good game. Give them credit. They hustled throughout and made shots. We made some mistakes, which wouldn't be commented on normally if we had won. I'm having a problem with the hero ball we play near the end of a close game. Ayo is a great finisher, but the strategy...
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    Rutgers 91, Illinois 88 Postgame

    Rutgers is a very good team and will raise some hell the rest of the season. It wouldn't surprise me if they end up one of the top 4 teams in the conference. I had a sense during the end of the first half that Rutgers would take control in the second half. One factor that contributed to the...