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    Game Thread: Illinois vs UCLA

    Simple story. Imagine if Tyger Campbell was not on UCLA and McDonald's All American Amari Bailey was their starting PG. We'd be up by 10.
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Houston

    This team is a shell of itself without Grandison as that 3rd threat to score. Damonte brings so little on offense. Really should give RJ a shot.
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Chattanooga

    Feel bad for Trent... he has been terrible
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Chattanooga

    Need curbelo to handle the pressure D. Trent struggling
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    Pregame: Illinois vs Chattanooga, Friday, March 18th, 5:50pm CT, TNT

    I am surprised at the concern about Chattanooga. They are not big and athletic on the perimeter. They are very poor at shot blocking and 2 pt defense. Their center almost never passes the ball, nor is he an outside threat. Basically, they lack the ability to exploit our weaknesses. They are the...
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    Pregame: Illinois vs Chattanooga, Friday, March 18th, 5:50pm CT, TNT

    First two games in Pittsburgh against teams that aren't in the region, and then Arizona potentially in San Antonio. This is a good draw. Bring it on.
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    Indiana 65, Illinois 63 Postgame

    Glad we are out of Indy. No one got injured. Learned a lesson about not being tougher than the opponent.
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Penn State

    We are losing to a team that is basically playing a junior high junk defense - triangle and 2.
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    Pregame: Illinois at Michigan, Sunday, February 27th, 1:00pm CT, CBS

    Every one of the Big Ten teams has a critical weakness or two: Illinois-The guards are small, we play 4 of them and they are susceptible to teams with bigger, stronger perimeter play (see Branham from OSU, Jaden Ivey, Arizona) Purdue-Can be overly dependant on Ivey, Williams, and Edey -- and...
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    Michigan-Wisconsin Postgame Fight

    To have Juwan Howard recruit your team, and Phil Martelli coach them... is this not the best possible outcome for Michigan?
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    Michigan coach Juwan Howard takes swing at Wisconsin assistant coach

    I expect Howard to get a 2 game suspension. I also don't expect him to make it through another 2 years at Michigan. He will likely get a stern warning from UM admin, which will make it feel like he isn't supported, and Howard isn't one to last long if he suspects admin/boosters are out to get...
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    Game Thread: Illinois at Maryland

    Is Maryland playing with an UnderArmour ball. It looks weird. If we lose, I blame it on the weird ball.
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    Purdue 96, Illinois 88 2OT Postgame

    The initial reaction may be that they dominated us at the center position... However, their center duo took 32 shots in order to score 34 points. The rest of Purdue took 36 shots to score 62 points. Our inability to stop their guards without fouling them was a big difference maker, and should be...
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    Illini Basketball 2021-2022

    Alright, who like me just googled "post-concussion glasses...?"
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    Illini in the NBA

    Watch Brooklyn's #24 in these clips, Cam Thomas. He's an absolute mess. I do think as someone states above that Ayo is going to play with an extra chip on his shoulder against those who were drafted above him.