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    KenPom SoS

    Final KP strength of 14 teams are....ALL BIG TEN TEAMS. Has that ever happened before? Note that Michigan is 14th. Make of that what you will.. 1. PSU 2. NW 3. Illinois 4. Nebraska 5. tOSU 6. Indiana 7. Rutgers 8. MSU 9. Wisconsin 10. Minny 11. Purdue 12. Maryland 13. Iowa 14...
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    Let's talk about Bruce Weber

    This. We should have moved on long before we did from Weber. His recruiting/development combo did not do good for us. I don't even think he was that good of an in-game coach at Illinois. I hated knowing before the game that if we were within 2 (up or down) with under 60 seconds to go against...
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    Illinois 76, Michigan 53 Postgame

    Something I haven't seen anyone comment on...Kofi's D. Hunter Dickinson literally didn't score a basket against him. He hit 1 shot and that was against Giorgi. And one of the fouls that was called on Kofi when Hunter was maneuvering was CLEARLY a chicken wing and the whistle should have been...
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    Illinois 76, Michigan 53 Postgame

    I think another factor is Curbello has shown how successful you can be driving as a smaller/thinner guard. Might have given Trent a little more confidence. Combine that with the fact that you HAVE to guard Trent on the perimeter and he should be able to do this at will going forward.
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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (February 2021)

    If he gets a buzz-cut he's a lock to be signed by Wisconsin.
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    Michigan Game Postponed

    If you need help opening a PDF, just reach out...
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    Michigan Game Postponed

    I gotta say, this bugs me too. Not playing games because of Covid? I'm cool with that. Not playing games once you're cleared of that? Not cool at all. I'm sure they're saying "player safety, conditioning, etc" but I don't buy that. They can stay in shape. Maybe not game shape, but not...
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    Illinois 77, Ohio 75 Postgame

    Watching this game I saw the camera cut to BU and he's sitting there calm and relaxed on the bench while we were playing horribly. Made me think he WANTED them to struggle. Also made me think back to Bob Knight coaching and how it almost seemed like he TRIED to lose a pre-conference game year...
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    Adam Miller named B1G Co-Freshman of the Week

    Anything and everything from Iowa?
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    How to watch the Illini

    I moved from Hulu Live to YTTV about 2 years ago. i think it's a better platform (100% unlimitted on-line DVR) but not by a ton. YTTV upped their price a few months ago, but Hulu Live just announced they are upping to the same price as YTTV so there is no differentiation there. YTTV just...
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    Illini Basketball 2020-2021

    only 7pm. One of the few advantages of living on the Left Coast.
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    2021 NCAA Tournament will be held in one location

    The problem with this approach is that you have no Plan B. If you begin the season with regular March Madness as the plan then you have the fallback plan of a May Madness if needed.
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    Illini Basketball 2020-2021

    No need. Head's Illinois wins. Tails, Miznoz looses.
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    Pregame: Illinois at Rutgers, Saturday, November 14th, 12:00pm CT, BTN

    How many of those 23 are scored by the offense and how many by the defense/special teams?
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    Illini Basketball 2020-2021

    This will make our game vs Dook fans allowed....