2020 NFL Draft Thread

Here's the NFL.com draft info on Kmet:

Draft Projection
Round 2

NFL Comparison
Tyler Higbee

Long bodied, early entry Y tight end prospect who is a better pass threat than run blocker at this stage. Kmet should continue to fill out his frame, but his run blocking is too scattered and needs better focus and efficiency as a pro. He can be jammed and slowed by early contact into his route, but once he's striding, he becomes a legitimate second-level threat with sneaky separation speed and intriguing ball skills. He's still developing and could be a slow starter headed into the league, but he has the talent to eventually become a solid starter as a pass-catching in-line tight end with the ability to mismatch from the slot with his size.

-Good size with long arms and more mass likely to be added
-Will come across formation and land a blow on wham blocks
-Adequate hand placement and runs feet through the block
-Nice job of staying connected to base blocks with lateral slides
-Gets defenders off of him downfield for catch space
-Calm in the air to adjust and bring it in
-Can go get the ball wherever it is thrown
-Heavy inside his pads with ability to absorb contact
-Rumbles after catch, treating tacklers like bumper cars

-Body control and strength as a blocker need work
-Below-average instincts and angles as move blocker
-Inefficient and slow getting into block fits
-Needs to play with earlier inside hands and rolled hips at point of attack
-Too tall coming off the ball and into his routes
-Has issues playing through contact within the first five yards
-Upright into brakes, allowing defenders to read and jump routes
-Questionable hand strength to secure contested catches
TE and CB were positions of need. The Bears took the best available (and overall) TE per the conventional wisdom and the second best available CB.

Diggs from Bama was supposed to be a high 2nd round pick and has been passed up by four or five teams now, Bears included.
Here's the NFL.com draft info on Johnson:

Draft Projection
Rounds 1-2

NFL Comparison
Shaquill Griffin

Boundary bully with an improving skill set to clamp down on WR1s and limit their exposure to the football. Johnson is built for press, with the size, length and athleticism to force receivers to work harder getting into their routes. His eagerness to stay tight to the route leads to inconsistent balance and positioning from time to time, but his foot quickness and agility allow for rapid recoveries. He's equipped to play the deep ball but needs to fully prove himself in that area. He's a physical press corner with off-man ability whose anticipation and ball skills should continue to help him make plays as a CB1 and first-round pick.

-Physical traits and athletic tools for early round consideration
-Low and leering from press crouch
-Alters press techniques to keep foes guessing
-Slides and jabs to forcefully impair release
-Communicates well passing off receivers from bunch sets
-Maintains adequate coverage distance for higher number of contested catches
-Smart and instinctive in off-man and zone
-Good recognition of route combinations and route breaks
-Burst and agility for adequate recovery in short spaces
-Explosive vertical leaper to eliminate jump balls
-Has rake-it-or-take-it ball skills
-Good size and range to hold down run support in space

-Feet get jittery and impatient at times
-Overreactions lead to lunging and reaching
-Needs to play with better calm and trust of his technique
-Quick counter steps against press could cause him early problems
-Average balance to continue phasing at the top of the route
-Slow, prowling shuffle in Cover 3 opens deep threats from speed
-Gives ground and lateral transitions
-Occasionally loses sight of receiver when focusing on passer
Hurts to Philly is interesting. He’s got all the physical tools but height. All the intangibles you could ever want from your qb. Needs pocket discipline and better decision making. Reminds me of Dak Prescott.

With Wentz, he won’t need to start from the get go. Real good qb coaching there.