2020 NFL Draft Thread

Here's the NFL.com draft info on Mooney:

Draft Projection
Round 7/Priority free agent

Limber and explosive, he has the makings of a mismatch slot with the ability to stretch and attack speed-deficient coverages. It's easy to criticize Mooney for frequency of drops during his time at Tulane, but he took short throws and turned them into touchdowns of 86, 79 and 55 yards in 2018. He's sudden underneath and should fit right in as a slot, but he won't be able to outrun NFL coverage and needs to tighten up the routes. He definitely has a puncher's shot at finding an NFL home, but the slender frame and inability to help on special teams are big challenges to overcome.

-Capable of lining up inside or outside
-Uses sudden stem and release to beat press
-Instant cushion muncher against off-man
-Will turn a short slant into a long touchdown
-Suddenness to separate out of breaks underneath
-Explosive speed with ability to work all three levels
-Above average locating and tracking deep throws
-Instinctive positioning and body adjustments help him bring it in
-Trampoline leaper to get up and over for high-point
-Almost every touchdown in 2019 was contested

-Built like a stick with thin frame and limbs
-Size brings natural concerns over durability
-Not enough attention to detail in his routes
-In a hurry to get from Point A to Point B
-Had troubling dealing with physical route-matchers
-Disappointing drops on shorter throws
-Struggled making adjustments to throws outside his frame
-Has almost no special teams experience in college
Scottsdale, AZ
No worries. None are expected to though quite a few will probably be priority free agents.
It just shows the state of our football program that we don't have one player in the top 200 in the draft! I think Indiana and Northworsten may also be in the same boat. The big name football schools have many players selected every year. It is difficult to compete without getting top talent.
With the 182nd overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, the New England Patriots select Michael Onwenu, G, Michigan.

With the 183rd overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, the New York Giants select Cam Brown, OLB, Penn State.
With the 218th overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, the New York GIants select Carter Coughlin, OLB, Minnesota.

With the 219th overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, the Baltimore Ravens select Geno Stone, S, Iowa.
Here's the NFL.com draft analysis on Hambright:

Hambright played tackle as a senior at Colorado, but will need to move inside due to his lack of functional length. He plays with a good combination of agility and play strength to fit with a zone scheme or pin-and-pull rushing attack as a guard who can get into space and land on the move. His stiff punch can discombobulate lesser college rushers, but an NFL offensive line coach will need to correct the oversetting and lunging in order for Hambright to hold up against pro competition. He has enough athleticism, power and twitch to earn a back-end roster spot.

-Gets off the snap in a hurry
-Loose/athletic and can get out in front on long pulls
-Possesses adequate play strength
-Accelerates into and through contact on down blocks
-Sets pass-pro anchor and can generate decent push in run game
-Times up a stiff, jarring punch
-Shows some variation to his attack in pass pro
-Quick hands get to re-set when he loses the frame
-Impressive redirect quickness in his feet

-Limited experience as an FBS starter
-Takes inconsistent angles on backside blocks
-Lack of length creates issues with lunging
-Could face difficult adjustment period against interior quickness as a guard
-Oversets in pass pro, creating trouble against inside counters
-Footwork seemed to get a little lazy later in season
-Allows secondary rush to escape his mirroring