2020 NFL Draft Thread

Scottsdale, AZ
Will the Illini have anyone drafted? No wonder we haven't been very good for a long time.
Here's the NFL.com draft info on Gipson:

NFL Comparison
Roy Robertson-Harris

He's quite raw and in the dead center of his developmental phase, but it's hard not to get excited by the traits and flashes. Gipson was a late bloomer so he is still a little behind in his fundamentals and technique. He doesn't have go-to moves and counters, but the rush is real with a long, explosive first step and the athleticism and length to win the edge and harass the pocket. He needs better hand usage and lower body strength to handle himself at the point of attack, but he is a rangy tackler. Gipson isn't NFL-ready yet, but he's a potential diamond in the rough as a long-limbed defensive end in odd or even fronts.

-Added nearly 60 pounds at Tulsa and got better each year
-Emulates brother, who was a big, rugged forward at Kansas State
-First step is long and explosive
-Long-limbed frame can overwhelm lesser blockers
-Flexible and athletic to wriggle around pass pro
-Has tools for dangerous stab-and-run bull rush
-Chip on shoulder matches passion in his play
-Longest lateral slide you'll ever see
-Able to stride through gap, leaving tackles behind
-When he activates hands, they are quite violent
-Reactive agility helps him track and tackle in space

-Talented, but still very raw
-Plays at full speed but technique is behind
-Inefficient movement with arms and legs flying all over
-Locks into battle and loses sight of the ball
-Needs to punch and separate more consistently
-Not enough sand in his pants at point of attack just yet
-Lacks game plan and finesse as a pass rusher
-Counter-rush instincts are underdeveloped
-High-cut with predictable balance concerns when redirected by power
-Hasn't learned to batter the edge with hand skills
Here's the NFL.com draft info on Vildor:

Draft Projection
Round 5

He's a little slender and his speed is average, but Vildor possesses good athletic ability with the man cover talent to stay near his target. He does a nice job of challenging throws effectively when he's in position thanks to his length and timing, but he'll need to improve his route recognition and anticipation as a pro. He can be too passive and ineffective as a tackler, which will be a non-starter for certain NFL teams. Vildor has the ability to challenge for a CB4/CB5 spot for man-cover defenses.

-Athletic ability to play in a variety of coverages
-Plays with balance and body control
-Adequate footwork to shadow and impede release
-Long arms and big hands for a cornerback
-Hips to flip and sprint when required
-Good acceleration to stay connected at pattern breaks
-Communicates well with safeties
-Flashes his burst to close and challenge throws from Cover 2
-Finds quality angles to pester the catch point
-Plays with good bend and lateral change of direction in space

-Appears quicker than fast on tape
-Just average recovering against speedsters downfield
-Needs to play with better eye-balance from off-man
-Inconsistent passing off receivers from zone
-Can be baited underneath against high/low route combinations
-Sits back and waits for the train to hit him in run support
-Willing to let a tackle happen without jumping in
-Didn't play with same level of anticipation in 2019 as he did in 2018