2023 NFL Draft Thread

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Here's the NFL.com draft info on Travis Bell:

Draft Projection
Priority free agent

Bell is an interior defender with decent lateral quickness and power at the point of attack. He lacks the overall mass and anchor to eat up blocks inside, though. He has enough foot quickness and hand usage to work his way around blockers but might find his success rate plummet against NFL-caliber competition. Bell has traits to get a look as a one-gapping, even-front nose tackle but might need to fight for a spot as an undrafted free agent.

-Impressive pro-day tester, posting 30 bench-press reps and a 32 1/2-inch vertical leap.
-Upper-body power to press and separate at point of attack.
-Changes direction to chase without wasted motion.
-Keeps feet moving and searching for entry as a rusher.
-Good swipe-and-slide move to sneak around initial block.

-Blockers with length will get into him first.
-Can’t find a workable rush counter at this point.
-Slow to come off blockers and make a tackle in his gap.
-Has leverage but not enough anchor to control the rep.
Lol some Falcons fan was just announcing the pick. One of the fans from the New England section shouted "28-3" at them at some point. Falcons fan says "Yeah like I haven't heard that before."

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so with 32 teams , 7 rounds of the draft, one would expect 224 picks
how do they get to 259 picks ? thats over 8 rounds
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