2023 NFL Draft Thread

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Here's the NFL.com draft info on Roschon Johnson:

Draft Projection
Round 5

Power back with bruising frame who fits the football cliche of “tough, smart and dependable.” Johnson isn’t overly creative and lacks the juice to hit quick-closing NFL holes. He needs it blocked up so he can get downhill and uncork his power on the second level. While his lack of suddenness makes him somewhat limited as a runner, he will be better at stuffing blitzers than many of the No. 3 backs currently in the league. Johnson might be fighting off competition every year in camp, but his toughness and four-phase special teams value could give him an advantage.

-Model of consistency.
-Running style is highly determined and very physical.
-Creates yardage with broken tackles.
-Just one career fumble.
-Willing and capable in pass protection.
-Four-phase special teams experience.

-Lacks juice to widen field and find chunk runs.
-Burst to clear NFL run lanes in question.
-Trouble reaccelerating when feet are forced to slow.
-Takes on heavy contact on most carries.
-Missing creativity between the tackles.
-Slow getting through his jump-cuts.
With the 115th overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, the Chicago Bears select Roschon Johnson, RB, Texas.
A luxury! Must have been BPA, as they still have needs at DE, C, and T. Thought we would go after a rush DE or center here. Crowded Rb room...

Love the looks of this kid, perfect size 6'0" 223 , but we have three already.
Here's the NFL.com draft info on Tyler Scott:

Draft Projection
Rounds 2-3

NFL Comparison
T.Y. Hilton

While the comparison to T.Y. Hilton might raise some eyebrows, Scott is a similar player in body type, speed and versatility. With just two seasons of starting experience at receiver, his route running and ball skills are almost certain to continue to improve and become less of an issue for him in the future. He has the speed and shiftiness to uncover on all three levels. Also, he offers jet sweep and receiver screen value. A smallish frame and lack of hand strength are likely to continue to plague him on contested catches, though. Scott is an ascending talent whose versatility and playmaking talent create an easily projectable upside as a good starting slot receiver early in his career.

-Junior Olympic sprinter with electric top-end speed.
-Ten of 14 career touchdowns went for 30-plus yards.
-Very fluid and athletic in his movements.
-Able to accelerate to top speed very quickly.
-Drives and leverages coverage away from stem points.
-Former high school running back with excellent run-after-catch talent.
-Offers dynamic versatility due to his skill set.
-Punt return potential waiting to be cultivated.
-Keeps pedal floored while turning to track the deep ball.

-Fundamentals need sharpening as a route runner.
-Still learning to make footwork look similar in all routes.
-Drifts at turns, allowing undercutting by corners.
-Has some trouble fighting through physical coverage.
-Needs to work back to the throw more consistently.
-Allows catch space to be overtaken down the field.
-Limited catch radius and lacking hand size/strength.
With the 151st overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, the Seattle Seahawks select Mike Morris, DE, Michigan.

With the 154th overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, the Seattle Seahawks select Olu Oluwatimi, C, Michigan.
Here's the NFL.com draft info on Sewell:

Draft Projection
Rounds 4-5

Inside 'backer possessing throwback demeanor as a physical but limited prospect. Sewell has good power to take on blocks and muddy the middle, but his lack of pursuit speed and change-of-direction quickness prevent him from consistently making the stop. He needs to become more anticipatory and read play development more effectively, as he’s missing the tools necessary to overcome missteps.

-Three-year starter.
-Outstanding size.
-Able to take on force with strength.
-Pure power to drive blocker back when pads are right.
-Hand strength to stack and shed blocker.
-Patrols with aggression between the tackles.
-Much improved tackle consistency in 2022.

-Lacks instincts and awareness to get early jumps.
-Fails to locate blockers from his peripheral.
-Too easily trapped behind blocks on outside runs.
-Lacks functional speed for pursuit and playmaking.
-Poor reactive athleticism in the open field.
-Very little range when tasked with coverage.
Here's the NFL.com draft info on Chase Brown:

Draft Projection
Rounds 4-5

Volume ball-carrier with a compact frame and high-end stamina to wear defenses down. Brown is less slasher than he is a between-the-tackles grinder. He needs to prove he can be an effective outside runner to help widen the field. He’s natural and agile as a one-cut runner and has the receiving talent to make plays out of the backfield. He’s a bit of a one-note runner but could compete for a three-down backup role with a limited ceiling.

-Hit 100-plus yards rushing in nine consecutive games in 2022.
-Workhorse who averaged 27.3 carries per game in 2022.
-Sudden plant and cuts downhill.
-Adept at following and steering lead blocks into linebackers.
-Sets up his open-field moves to elude tacklers.
-Fluid routes coming out of the backfield.
-Good hand-eye coordination making catches on the move.

-Ball security issues popped up in 2022.
-Looks for cutbacks prematurely, limiting linebacker flow.
-Very average power through first contact.
-Feet deaden when bracing for contact between tackles.
-Tends to be a one-speed runner.
-Inconsistent finding his positioning to protect QB.
Here's the NFL.com draft info on Terell Smith:

Draft Projection
Round 4

Ascending cornerback with an outstanding combination of size, speed and toughness. Smith’s technique and game film improved from 2021 to 2022. He stays low and patient in his backpedal. He has above-average footwork for a cornerback his size, which allows him to mirror the release and stay connected to the deep route. He’s experienced in playing all forms of coverage, but he’s best from press and off-man. Smith is a reliable tackler with a playing disposition that matches expectations for NFL run support. The on-ball production is a little light, but the traits and talent are in place for a starting role at outside cornerback in the future or a transition to safety.

-Excellent blend of size and length.
-Physical/athletic traits to play in a variety of schemes.
-Nimble feet allow him to slide and match the release.
-Play strength makes the first five yards a rough ride for receiver.
-Anticipates breaks from off-man and races into passing lane.
-Top-end speed keeps him in phase with vertical threats.
-Quick to pounce after the catch and limit YAC.
-Plus run supporter, willing to range from back-side positioning to the play.

-Lacking ball production relative to his traits.
-Allowed interception opportunities to slip away.
-Bumpy flip-and-sprint from off-man positioning.
-Plays with a small stall in his lateral transitions.
-Average plant-and-go from the top of his backpedal.
-Can be turned around by clever route runners.
@IlliniFaninHoosierLand, thank you for your hard work in your excellent draft coverage! You make it so easy to follow. Your time and efforts are truly appreciated.

Thanks. NFL Draft is one of my favorite weekends of the year. Learned awhile ago that following along with the picks is easier if I'm tracking them as they happen.
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