2023 NFL Draft Thread

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Here is the NFL.com draft info on Quan Martin:

Draft Projection
Round 3

Versatile cornerback/safety prospect with the size and physical talent to play nickel back or align as a deep safety. A buttery smooth hip swivel allows him to glide and transition effectively from his pedal, but he has just average route recognition to stay connected to clever route runners. Martin’s speed and explosiveness at the NFL Scouting Combine was eye-catching, but he needs to play consistently to that speed on the field. A team will need to decide where to play him, but he has the potential to become an early contributor and a starter further down the road.

-Desired NFL body type with good size/length.
-Offers nickelback and safety versatility.
-Oily hips provide free-flowing transitions.
-Nimble feet to stay in phase with the route.
-Burst to close includes soft hands and plus ball skills.
-Has the range to play over the top as a safety.
-Punches and separates to free himself in run support.

-Lost track of coverage targets against Virginia.
-Inconsistent chase speed when beaten deep.
-Gets knocked off-balance in his tight man coverage.
-Might not have enough play strength to cover tight ends.
-Undercut angles on the throw run a little shallow.
-Needs to take leveraged angles to ball-carrier.
Here is the NFL.com draft info on Gervon Dexter Sr.:

Draft Projection
Rounds 3-4

Dexter is frequently slow off snap, which tends to have a domino effect on both his hands and positioning in a negative way. His size and traits help him make plays even after being blocked early in the rep, but he will need to improve his hand usage as a pro. He’s a limited pass rusher with below average quickness and rush skill but can get there eventually if the play extends. Dexter’s physical profile might be hard for teams to ignore, and he could become a more consistent performer in a 3-4 defense.

-NFL-ready frame with size to entice.
-Has two-gapping qualities to build on.
-Able to stay square to the line and mind his gap.
-Upper-body twitch for sudden block sheds.
-Slides through gaps with upper-body turn.
-Size and length help open protection edges.
-Easy transition from bull rush to swim as rusher.

-Slow getting off the ball.
-Lacks explosive first contact as bull rusher.
-Will need to develop a solid go-to move for better pocket threat.
-Allows run blockers to take the action to him.
-Struggles getting to his punch separation in timely manner.
-Double teams take him for a ride.
-Content to play under stretch blocks rather than fighting for positioning.
Here's the NFL.com draft info on Tyrique Stevenson:

Draft Projection
Rounds 2-3

NFL Comparison
James Bradberry

Big cornerback with the size and play strength to help match up with bigger receivers in the league. Stevenson is patient but physical in press-man and has good recovery speed when he falls behind. He struggles as a pattern matcher in off-man and had issues with busts in zone, so he might be scheme-dependent. Stevenson is talented when attacking the catch point and has the ball skills to make plays on 50/50 throws. He needs to become more consistent in run support but has the physical attributes to become a starter in a press-man scheme.

-Height-weight-speed prospect with explosive athletic traits.
-Play strength to press and slow release.
-Adequate footwork to stay in phase with the route.
-Springy leaper with high-point talent.
-Hunts for the hands to break up catch tries.
-Can recover and close with above average acceleration.

-Below average transitions with route breaks from off-man.
-Overextends and loses balance when opening to chase.
-Fails to recognize plays developing around him.
-Multiple busts in zone coverages.
-Exploited by North Carolina on three long completions.
-Takes inconsistent angles in run support.


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Man their are a lot of big ten players going in these first two days.
Here's the NFL.com draft info on Pickens:

Draft Projection
Rounds 2-3

NFL Comparison
Maurice Hurst

Athletic interior defender with experience and length as a gap-control tackle but the quickness and play traits that might be better-suited to attacking upfield. Pickens has a disruptive first step that creates advantages for him as both a run defender and pass rusher. He plays with harmonious hands and feet to elude blockers or play off them, but he’s likely to get moved around by NFL drive blockers. Pickens has the ability to play both tackle spots in a one-gapping front and has rotational value with the potential to see starter’s reps.

-Above average arm length with quick hands.
-Early recognition and response to the blocking scheme.
-Able to separate and maintain balance through contact.
-One-gap athleticism and foot quickness.
-Works suddenly off blocks to tackle his gaps.
-Winning first-step quickness in his rush.
-Ties long-arm move with counter steps to open pathways to the pocket.
-Keeps feet and hands active throughout the rush charge.

-Average frame.
-Below average anchor as two-gapper.
-Gives initial ground to quality drive blockers.
-Unlikely to crank up an NFL-caliber bull rush.
-Elevated pad level gets his rush redirected.


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Here's the NFL.com draft info on Sydney Brown:

Draft Projection
Rounds 2-3

A physical safety who is limited by a lack of fluidity in space. Brown has straight-line speed and is very effective mapping his transit to the ball-carrier near the line of scrimmage. However, his missed tackles are concerning considering the position he plays. He competes hard in man coverage, using everything at his disposal to prevent tight ends from making plays, but above average pass-catchers could be too much for him to handle as a pro. Brown will need to prove he can win in the box and shine on special teams to stick around in the league.

-Compact frame with a densely built lower half.
-Posted 10 career interceptions, with six in 2022.
-Uses force to slow tight end’s route release.
-Exploits the crevices as run defender in the box.
-Steps downhill to create a firm edge against an outside run.
-Plays with solid anticipation and build-up speed.

-Tightly bound in his hips.
-Struggles to stay connected in man coverage.
-Below average change-of-direction quickness in space.
-Urgent charge to the throw leads to imbalance in tackle attempts after catch.
-Ball-carriers slip from his grasp too often.
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