Bowl Games & CFB Playoff

If harbaugh is 0-6 in bowls (don’t feel like fact checking), Bo’s bowl record was pretty bad too, and never won a natty. Yet he was king of Michigan til the day he died

Ok… fact checked, Jimbo is 1-6 at Michigan including last night, Bo was 5-12, BUT 2-8 in the Rose Bowl
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All of you that hate on the Big Ten during bowl season make no sense to me…

The outcomes to yesterdays games were very bad for the conference, and thus, Illinois.

This board suffers from extreme cases of cutting of our nose to spite our face.
This season’s officiating was blatantly designed to protect their favored programs at the expense of the others. It wasn’t just bad calls, but one-sided bad calls, and egregiously bad calls that were upheld on review despite clear video evidence. It was not random, afflicting each team equally. The 4Q theft of our win over Michigan was my last straw. Surely nobody saw that as anything but a stolen game, right?

B$G has earned my contempt. If they value my support and respect they should level the playing field. Otherwise they should expect me to cheer against the programs they so clearly favor, a very sensible response IMO.
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Longest Preseason Title Odds — Teams to Reach College Football Playoff

  • 200-1, TCU 2022
  • 150-1, Cincinnati 2021 (L Semis)
  • 100-1, Michigan 2021 (L Semis)
  • 50-1, Michigan 2022
  • 40-1, Ohio State 2014 (Won Title)
  • 30-1, Notre Dame 2018 (L Semis)
  • 30-1, Clemson 2017 (L Semis)
  • 30-1, Washington 2016 (L Semis)
  • 30-1, Oklahoma 2015 (L Semis)

Props to TCU win or lose. Going from 5-7 in 2021 to 13-1 and in the Championship game with your 1st year coach. I have never seen anything like it!

the national

the Front Range
13-0 SEC Georgia absolutely dominated tOSU. I mean yeah they did need that split second timeout call on the fake punt to go their way. Oh and also the Ohio State safety to slip and fall on the turf on that 76 yard TD bomb. And they probably would have lost if Ohio State hadn’t called terrible plays after Stroud ran the ball to Georgia’s 31 yard line with two timeouts and thirty seconds left. And of course Ohio State had to miss the field goal so Georgia could win by one point. But sure otherwise tOSU was a total fraud who had no business being there.

The most legendary Saturday in CFB playoff history with back-to-back all-time slugfests that both went down to the last play and the takeaway from that is “that squares it, proof B1G is weak and inferior.”
You forgot the missed targeting call on the hit to the top tOSU receiver in the end zone who ultimately dropped the ball…. Yeah, that was a fail /s
Do not mean to be mean, but wonder how Card feels (with Drew Brees coaching):

So wasn’t sure where to put this, but Robert had a post explaining why he doesn’t root for other BIG teams in bowl games out of conference solidarity/rising tide lifts all boats etc. And it got me thinking about how I root way more for the BIG in the NCAA tournament vs bowls and it made me realize I like or respect most BIG basketball coaches but I don’t really like/actively dislike most other BIG football coaches.

BB coaches I hate/dislike: Juwan, Fran, Izzo

BB coaches I really like: Painter, Pickell, Shrewsberry, Gard

BB coaches I’m indifferent to/too early to tell: Willard, Minnesota coach, Woodson (leaning towards dislike but think that’s mainly about IU)

Everyone else I at least respect.

Football, I sort of liked Paul Chryst before he was fired? Otherwise I dislike just about everyone else. Maybe respect Ferentz but I still don’t like him.