Bowl Projections

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The whole point of this one time bowl is to let all of the 6 win teams from non-P5 schools play in a bowl, so I imagine if anyone refused a bowl they might not go ahead with this game. This game isn't a definite yet.

I think this highlights something we often take for granted. The non-P5 schools aren't guaranteed a bowl game with six wins and might not even make one with more than six wins some years.
Hopefully some skip the bowl game and the 81st or 83rd team is looking to play someone. Warm up the bus! We’re #84!
I am 💯 for it
There's no way enough teams decline bowl invitations in order to get Illinois in. I'm pretty sure every school that has a coaching change has already said they're still attending the bowl game with the exception of Texas (which hasn't said one way or another). But they're 5-7, so we haven't even gotten into the "we didn't make it, but we have a chance" realm yet.
This is a really good point but NCAA football panders to the SEC, so you won't hear about bit and if anyone with power speaks up they will be embroiled in some sort of controversy soon after.
The NCAA doesn't regulate conference schedules. The conferences own that.
I have no problem with 9 Big Ten games. We are in the Big Ten and I want to play OSU PSU Michigan. I hate the 2 divisions though. OSU and Wisconsin should have played this year. I wish Championship weekend was the 2 best teams in the conference playing regardless of division but I would also like to see the rest of the conference play for 2-14 place. I prefer not to see rematches unless it is obvious who the 2 best teams are. we could have played Indiana this weekend Osu vs Wisconsin Minnesota vs MSU etc. the big ten would have made tons of money
I would prefer pods so we could have 3 guaranteed rivalry games and rotate through the others teams. Although I enjoy playing teams in the west more than the crossover games.

Champions week was a good idea last year. I wish the last week of the regular season was champions week. Number 1 v 4 and 2 v 3 in a semifinal prior to the championship game with everyone else playing someone close to them in the standing while avoiding rematches.


It will be interesting to see if they move Michigan to #1 or Alabama. Both had impressive wins, but beating Georgia is far more impressive than Iowa. Plus I would be shocked to see them set up a 2/3 rematch of AL/GA.
Cinci has no chance, correct? That's my assumption at least.

No chance of beating Alabama, I mean.
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