Chicago Bears 2023-2024

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Bears defense actually looking pretty solid. Except on third down. Packers over 60% on third and 4th down, many of which have been 3rd and 7+.

Fields looks good but offense can’t get out of their own way with penalties and negative plays.

Good lord it’s frustrating.


Good on Love, but he’s missed a lot of throws today too. Where he’s killed the Bears is on third down. But the Bears have also gotten zero pressure and there’s usually been an open receiver. Wouldn’t say he’s thrown too many dimes today.

Why is the Bears o line continuously leaky year after year? Why do they trade the number one pick for a true number one receiver and only target him 3 times? If Fields’ strength is the deep ball off the boot, why do they never run a deep ball off a boot?

And why do I watch?
Same old song against the Packers. How can you trade draft capital for a star receiver and target him 2 or 3 times while running bubble screens the rest of the game.

Packers weren't even that good for much of the game and still won convincingly. Very disappointing from the coaches and the players.
Does Arlington Heights really want this stink show?

Here's one way to look at that question...

The Packers are owned by many thousands of stockholders (publicly owned).

So if the Packers ‘own’ the Bears (as the current narrative goes)... then that means by default that the Packer Stockholders also own the Bears.

(This is how one’s mind wanders when watching one team totally dominate another all afternoon).

So maybe we should ask the Packer stockholders where the Bears should be playing.

And... Fields looks lost he’s in the (North) Woods. Bears Management must already be watching next year’s drafting boards and lots of college football.
As much as I want Fields to be the one, I’m starting to wonder.

QB rating of 24.3 in Week 1
Once again the team's leading rusher
Once again offensive line almost non-existent
Someone calling a lot of screens and short passes that do not work

I am speechless at that offensive game plan.

WAS there an Offensive game plan? Sure doesn't look like it.

I think I know what the Bears problem was in this game. They just didn't have enough time to prepare a good game plan (ahem!). They needed just a few more months! (Or years?).
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