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Irvin's are not on the list.
Any other alums on the list besides Frazier and Powell, i.e., Brian Randle. Also, Augustine stated he wants to start coaching. If Geoff Alexander is promoted, any discussions about who would replace him? Would Augustine be a possibility for that role? Is Augustine on Underwood's radar for a non-coaching position? This of course presupposes that Augustine could fill the role as teaching bigs.
Makes me think Nick Irvin. I haven't seen much discussion on him and I understand some of the concerns. But now that he's spent a year at Western, maybe it works out. Definitely an asset in Chicago and Western has pulled some pretty decent players to a place that many good players have not wanted to be for a long time.
No Irvin will be hired as an assistant coach as long as BU is the head coach
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Top 50 Impactful AC's (yes...Chet is on there)
UNC's dubious courses for athletes. UK's luxury athletic dorms. Those are technically legal. Loaning a hungry athlete 10 bucks for a slice pizza is deemed an extra benefit.
They're technically compliant because the NCAA wants certain programs to have advantages. The NCAA obviously knows that these special classes and dorms exist to attract athletes and keep them eligible. It would be very easy to prove that athletes are the primary beneficiaries of these things...if anybody wanted to prove it.
Because Gentry took his spot. Which Gentry didn’t cause but still some animosity. Also Gentry took some credit for stuff that was really Jamalls doing.
Not many people would take a job back to work side-by-side with the guy they hired when they fired you.

Actually, not many people would take that job back......but if there is cool half a mil a year, I'd probably do that.
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Maybe time to throw Robert Smith's name in the hat.

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You made me do it after the previous Tony Bennett joke.
Any insiders know of the next hire? And when will Gentry make up his mind?
Top 50 Impactful AC's (yes...Chet is on there)
Did I miss something? Two (maybe three) names that are NOT on the list.
Ok, I did miss something- former head coaches are excluded.
I am not sure that Chester has cultivated some of the areas that we need to recruit. I'm sure he is a competent recruiter...maybe even very good. But he also has not really been at a school at this point where he's been able to reel in some real high level guys. If you are hiring for recruiting ties, I can't imagine any coach from KState or VaTech would be the way we would want to go. Also, he would be leaving the east coast where he had wanted to be to come back to the Midwest and other than this being his alma mater and maybe money, I am not sure what the draw would be for him to leave VaTech.
Point taken, but there is still at least one more hire coming. Let’s see what the overall skill stack is after the entire staff is in place.
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Jamall has no problem with BU
From reading the last ten pages. It seems as though Chester "Chet" whatever the heck u want to call him is the new Chin replacement. Jamal is purely a replacement for Gentry if he elects to return to his alma mater. Mennenga, I pray, is the OA replacement. I want Tre Mitchell, but Tony Bergeron is too great a price.
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