Game Thread: Illinois vs Valencia

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Hansberry needs some Fletching to get tougher on the boards.
Sencire's defense has taken a big step this season. His awareness is fantastic. I can't want to see the box. He's gotta be somewhere around 5 steals and 7 rebounds
I'm not so concerned about the shooting with the vastly different ball. Those grooves in the ball are pretty deep, aren't they? Might take some getting used to.


Herndon, VA
Can't complain too much about being up 30+ at this point. Sit back, relax and enjoy!
Looking for Redd to dominate the 4th quarter.
I had to check Nebraska socials for clues re whether this was the same team they played. Nebraska certainly played on this same court. But there is no way it was this same team. The guys in the Nebraska bball photos look like grown men and these guys look like children. Also, that the stream reads "Crudeli Academy" is perhaps telling.
Nebraska isn't horrible anymore, they won 9 big ten games last year and are probably better on paper this year
You know what they say about last year, THAT WAS LAST YEAR. They lost 5 seniors last year, which were 5 of their top 6 scorers. This ain't last year.
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