Game Thread: Illinois vs Valencia

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They made a little run to cut it 33-29. Fitting that a Sencire dunk started a 17-4 run to end the half. Also, ya...If Shannon wants to be a first team All-American, he can. Kid is just on a whole different level.
Overall, solid first half. Most important thing for me is seeing the effort being put in. Players are playing really hard, especially on defense. Diving for loose ball, getting in passing lanes, winning 50/50 plays. This team is playing hard. If Sencire is able to finish at the rim consistently, he's playing at least 20mpg- he just does too many other things right for him not to be on the court. This might be a random exhibition in August, but I'm digging how this team is playing right now.
Thank you for posting link. Was fun to watch. Back to work


Cary, IL
Well, this (due to the transitive property) makes me much more optimistic about our Nebby game. :)
The shooting is interesting. Part of the problem that I have seen is that the guys are catching and taking forever to let it fly. Almost trying to get their mechanics down perfect. That will not work.

They need to catch and shoot. Step into their shot. Be ready to shoot before the ball gets there.

Let muscle memory take over
Must be humid. They are constantly wiping the floor.
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