Game Thread: Illinois vs Valencia

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Haven't watched a whole lot - I'm working, but the little I have seen, I'm extremely impressed with Moretti.
He's been playing a good game thus far. His man D needs some work, especially at a power 5 level, but he's showing some good awareness out there and solid drop off defense


Looks like all rookies playing the 4th and they are dominating.
I too have been impressed with Moretti. This is not strong competition and I doubt he plays much this season at all, especially once the Big Ten season hits. But he looks like he could actually be a contributor next season and beyond.
Hope he is patient and hungry to learn. If so, he could be a solid PG in a couple of years. But who knows the kind of PGs that will be on the roster then?
Pretty sure that is Fletch in the light orange shirt drying up all the sweat.


little late but

Not open for further replies.