Game Thread: Illinois vs Wisconsin

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Another mediocre team closing in on a double digit lead against us at home. How nice
IMO these are the type of games Groce needs to win to keep his job
Another mediocre team closing in on a double digit lead against us at home. How nice

I don't get it. It used to be pretty tough to win on the road in the BIG and Assembly Hall was one of the toughest places to play. Now we are lucky to go 500 at home in the BIG.
We're on the same wavelength, Sox. Befuddling why we never use a lineup with them both on the bench.

I am with you guys. It seems we are locked in to having a "pg" on the floor. Well when your pgs can't shoot, penetrate or play competent defense it may be time to try something different. I hate playing guys out of position but they are giving so little to the team it seems to be time to try some other combination. Really if they weren't pgs they would be benched long ago.
Mediocre? 2 of their last 3 games are victories over Michigan St and Indiana. They may not be the usual Wisconsin but they are not mediocre.

Are you serious right now? Look at wisconsin's overall record. They are the definition of mediocre.
Mokena, IL
Downers Grove, IL
So hill and Nunn can't figure out who they're guarding defensively, it forces finke to rotate and he's now laying on the floor. These guys need to figure it out on the defensive end!
Even with the injuries, there is enough talent on this team to beat Ohio State, Wisconsin, and Nebraska...we haven't beat them, and that is Groce's fault.
Plenty of things. Unable to recruit 1 & 5, going after only top players and not having a back-up plan, .............................. and for vocally coaching during an active, fast moving game. Looks like his coaching in incomplete prior to the game and is compelled to coaching while it is progress.

I've been saying the same thing about his in-game histrionics for awhile, agree 100%.
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