Game Thread: Illinois vs Wisconsin

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A side note: our offensive shot selection and ball movement have been putrid in this half.
I love Illinois bball, but this team is literally unwatchable.
I actually signed up to this forum to make this exact point. The season is over. KL is a fifth year transfer. And JT is not the future of illini basketball. Not sure why these two are on the floor when we should be preparing for the future with AJ, JCL, DJW.

welcome....good to have one more voice....
Wisconsin is not a good team. They always win games at home that they shouldn't because of the ridiculous home-cooking they get.

Losing like this at home to a mediocre Wisconsin team is completely unacceptable, even with all the injuries.
Downers Grove, IL
Again, a guy you don't want shooting taking a quick shot. I swear, do these coaches discuss late game situations with these players? Same stuff every close game
I'm going to continue to watch this team, but man it hurts. The only thing that sometimes brings me joy anymore is seeing the freshman mature and sometimes make nice plays. I like Hill and Nunn but neither of them play well together. That is one thing I've noticed that is very concerning IMO. Nunn and Hill have played together for 3 years and yet they never really work well playing off of each other. It is either 1 or the the other. Part of this might have to do with point guard play. But I think both of their games are so individualistic and neither one is a particularly adept passer. It's also been a bit nice to see Mav grow as a player.
I don't think Morgan or Finke has a rebound between them this half.
Watching Lewis makes me pine for Starks. At least he made one once in awhile.
Just play the 5 best players on the team regardless of position. It can't be anything worse than what we have now......right?
The problem is that I don't think next year will be any better. Yes we will have some players back but I mean....the game plan from the coaches will be the same.
Not open for further replies.