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Sounds like there's a possibility that Copa America may end up being held here in the U.S.:

CONMEBOL is gonna do everything they can to have it held in Chile since the covid numbers are worsening in Argentina but if that won't work, then they'll move it here. U.S. Soccer, CONCACAF, and FIFA would all have to sign off on the move. If CONMEBOL would move Copa America here, there would only be a one day overlap between Copa America and the Gold Cup and that would be July 10. That's the date of the Copa America final and the first day of the Gold Cup.
U.S. plays Honduras in one of two CONCACAF Nations League semifinals tomorrow in Denver with the other match-up of Mexico vs. Costa Rica. The U.S. match will start at 6:30 PM CT and it will air on CBS Sports Network.
U.S. won't be seeing one of the teams they saw in the Hex back in 2018 when the Octagonal begins later this year. Trinidad & Tobago drew 0:0 with the Bahamas earlier today and as a result Trinidad & Tobago will not make it out of the first round of CONCACAF qualifying. The team coming out of Trinidad & Tobago's group, Group F, will be Saint Kitts & Nevis. They will face the winner of Group A (which will likely be El Salvador though Antigua & Barbuda and Montserrat still have a chance to go through) in the 2nd round of qualifying that begins next weekend and features home-and-home matches for each of the group winners from the first round of qualifying.

It's also important to remember that whoever comes out of that Group A/Group F playoff will be the first the opponent the U.S. faces when they begin World Cup qualifying later this year and that match will be an away match for the U.S.

What makes the draw worse for Trinidad & Tobago is that the Bahamas are the worst team in Group F, having been outscored 15-0 in qualifying.
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I can't believe there isn't a post discussing last nights USA vs Mexico matchup. It was extremely chippy and very entertaining. The US came out on top in the overtime period, which included 2 penalties being awarded via VAR (one of which was saved by the backup goalkeeper for the US).

My alarm went off at 4AM, so I'm working on less than 4 hours of sleep today. But it was well worth it.
First round of CONCACAF World Cup qualifying concluded this evening. Here's how the matchups look for the second round of CONCACAF World Cup qualifying, set to begin on Saturday:

Saint Kitts & Nevis v. El Salvador
Haiti v. Canada
Panama v. Curacao

Based on how the draw went for the third and final round of CONCACAF World Cup qualifying, each of the winners of these matchups will be the hosts for the first matchday this September. The Saint Kitts & Nevis/El Salvador winner will host the U.S.. The winner of Haiti/Canada will host Honduras. And the winner of Panama/Curacao will host Costa Rica.
Scary moment happening in Copenhagen right now.

Danish star Christian Eriksen collapsed on the pitch and was not moving. Teammates built a human wall around him as medics were giving him CPR.
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Really scary. Hope it’s not what it looks like. Match suspended and they were administering CPR on field. No sign that he was conscious.
El Salvador, Canada, and Panama have advanced to the final round of CONCACAF qualifying for the World Cup after tonight's matches.

So the Octagonal is set. Here is how the matchups will look for the first set of matchdays this September:

Matchday 1
Canada vs. Honduras
El Salvador vs. United States
Panama vs. Costa Rica
Mexico vs. Jamaica

Matchday 2
United States vs. Canada
El Salvador vs. Honduras
Costa Rica vs. Mexico
Jamaica vs. Panama

Matchday 3
Canada vs. El Salvador
Honduras vs. United States
Panama vs. Mexico
Costa Rica vs. Jamaica
Italy first team officially qualified for the knockout round. Italians are also first team since France at Euro 1984 to score 6 total goals in their first two matches. France ended up winning that tournament, which at that time was only an 8-team tournament.
Lukaku has said the Belgian players will kick the ball out of bounds in the 10th minute of tomorrow's Belgium-Denmark match in Copenhagen. The fans at the Parken Stadium are planning on a loud ovation for Denmark's #10, Christian Eriksen, in the 10th minute.
It's no wonder Belgium is the top ranked team in the world when they can have a top 3 like Eden Hazard, De Bruyne, and Lukaku.
de bruyne and hazard have hardly even played 25% so far this tournament. it's easy to see why they wanted de bruyne back for this but hazard has hardly been the same since he left chelsea. even his brother is playing for the national team more than he is.

otherwise, i've been impressed with italy (who hasn't?) and netherlands, despite giving up the 2-goal lead to ukraine. in the disappointing column: switzerland. i'd say denmark too but losing erikson is a big deal for them in more ways than one so i'll say poland instead with croatia a close second althought they have yet to play even their second match so they may be able to bounce back.
as for copa, doesn't look like anyone is challenging brazil so far unless argentina/chile can come up with something