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U.S. to host Copa America in 2024. It will be a 16-team tournament with 10 from CONMEBOL and 6 from CONCACAF. The CONCACAF sides will qualify through the 2023-24 Nations League tournament. Some of the venues that will host matches in the 2026 World Cup may be used for Copa America.

With the women's national teams, CONCACAF has invited the top 4 CONMEBOL sides (Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, and Paraguay) to participate in the inaugural CONCACAF W Gold Cup in 2024. That will be a 12-team tournament that is also hosted by the U.S. Two of the CONCACAF sides (the U.S. and either Jamaica or Canada) will participate in the 2024 Summer Olympics and will qualify directly for the CONCACAF W Gold Cup with the remaining 6 sides determined through the 2023 Road to CONCACAF W Gold Cup, which will begin in September 2023.


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ATTENTION T-Mobile Customers:

So just a heads up. Starting yesterday and through March 14th T-mobile is offering a free year of MLS Season Pass on AppleTV through their T-mobile Tuesdays App. I have read that the deal will last through March 14th before it expires. If you have forgotten MLS has a new media rights deal starting this year with AppleTV for 10 years. All games will be broadcast live with no blackouts regardless if the game is on television or in your local area. I claimed the offer yesterday and it shows the subscription as lasting until Feb 1st, 2024.

Note for Android users, non apple users and Watching it on a PC. You can still partake in this deal by watching through your devices/computers browser at . I plan to watch on either my PC or on the TV through my Roku's AppleTV app. If you try to watch through Roku and cannot find the AppleTV app their is a good chance you have an older device that doesn't support the app.


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At one time, this thread was for national teams and club tournaments. It seems like a majority of the posts recently are related to MLS / St. Louis. Maybe we need a new dedicated thread for MLS / St. Louis.


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