Illini Basketball 2022-2023

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Can't shoot is a relative term. Someone tried to tell me Kenny Battle was a good three point shooter because he made 53% as a senior. He actually made 9 out of 17. As a pro, he attempted 30 and made 4. Battle could not shoot, but he could score.

Rodgers can score if needed and his jump shot is improving. He has a better release than Da'Monte.
grue2 said:

Trying to put these to "position"
1) Clark 28, Epps 12
2) TSJ 28, Epps 2, Rodgers 8

3) RJ 28, Rodgers 12
4) Mayer 25, Goode 13, Hawkins 4

5) Hawkins 22, Dainja 18

Am I missing something and RJ can play the 2? If not is this allocation short guard time? After watching Rodgers this weekend, I don't see him as a 1 or 2. Having him play out front with Epps might be interesting and a second facilitator.
Pretty sure Mayer will split a lot of minutes at the 3 with RJ and Hawkins will play more at the 4 than the 5. There is just no way Rodgers gets that much time at the 3 with Mayer, Melendez and even Goode being able outside shooters. I also fully expect to see spurts where TSJ is running the point when Skyy is out.

If CH is at the 4, who do you have playing the 5 when Dainja is out? The offense can be positionless. Someone has to defend the opposing 5.
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