Illini Basketball 2023-2024

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IMO, next year will be ok (500 or better B10). If we get no one else 10-11 seed and develop players. Get a true PG, we bump up to a 7-8. We get a PG and TSJ or CoHawk we go to 5-6. Get our dream (RayJ, TSJ, & CoHawk) we will battle for B10 & get a 3-4 seed.

Can't wait to for the season to start

Joel Goodson

Yeah didn't think about it, I mean maybe his dunk is so strong that he breaks rims and needs to do a lot of welding, but yes when I've been around the building while he was in there shooting and listening to Italian something or another.. he pretty much doesn't miss.

great news. fully understand that games are a different animal.

the DGL- Moretti battles should be epic and they'll make each other better
For real, though, any insider tips on upcoming schedule announcements?! Maybe I am remembering incorrectly, but I really feel like we knew more about the upcoming schedule last year at this time.

Sat 12/9 - at Tennessee
Fri 12/29 - vs. Fairleigh Dickinson

You have to assume Braggin' Rights will be Wednesday 12/20 or Thursday 12/21. With the Big Ten/ACC Challenge cancelled and no word on Gavitt (which we might not even be able to participate in due to different numbers of teams), the schedule just seems so mysterious! Hoping against hope we can revive the United Center game on a Saturday in December ... it's time.
My guess is a little of this is dependent on who we finish the roster with…obviously the cupcakes will be there no matter what…but the final type of schedule Brad wants is dependent and other teams/tourneys want to understand if we’re a top 20 preseason team or a bubble team at the onset.

Mr. Tibbs

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Also, will there be provisions for fans to tag along?
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