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I agree. I've lost my frat house and fraternity. Six pack is gone. MS and Assembly Hall have been changed, no pinball machines and way fewer pool tables I'm the Union. Heck, they don't even offer my degree anymore! (General
Engineering). I took solace in watching BB and FB players mature and improve. I'll always follow, cheer and support my school, but some of the emotional intensity may subside.
Bro Chi 1086 ... the IT career I worked in for years... the computer science skills at CU were not offered ... only EE or Math majors came close.

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FWIW, during a news break on the local rock station here in Columbus GA, they mentioned that UGA basketball had picked up R J Melendez as a transfer from Illinois.

They clearly thought that was a big get to put it in a news break!

Wait.. Georgia has a basketball program?


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no...but he wears Armani suits...

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