Illini Football 2023

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Imagine what he can do with Bret ...

We needed an ace recruiter and Bielema delivered one ... Dude just gets it ...
How ‘bout it. Brings in a top development guy from NFL to improve the pass rush. Some on board worry he has no recruiting experience. Don’t worry, just wait for it, wait for it — here’s your top recruiter you’ve been wanting. So nice to have a competent HC. Thank you Bret.
neighbor to BB.
he played juco baseball the past year or two
his father played baseball for UI, mom played volleyball.
hes likely a very very good athlete, but unless hes got hands like Fred Belitnikoff and can jump like Michael Jordan, he probably wont play much on Saturdays
Is he Brian's son?
They won the Big 12 … Their HC is very well thought of and will be in line for an even bigger job in a few years …

Says a lot about our program, the support Bret has from Josh and what other people think of Bret that Ward was even willing to leave … 🤷🏻‍♂️
Sorry to be “that guy,” but remind me why he left us?
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