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16 point lead down to 7. Let’s see if the Bulls can close it out. Might need to keep the starters in the whole 4th quarter - Giannis has abused the 2nd unit all night.
I thought the Bulls would get swept but they're hitting on all cylinders tonight, holy cow. Giannis might have almost 30 but I still think the Bulls are playing good defense on him.

Love watching Caruso, btw. He plays with such incredible IQ out there.
I think the playoffs thus far have somewhat answered your question. Not saying they won’t give him an extension/new contract at some point, but don’t think it will be a top priority. Ayo has had a nice first year (and is a great local story), but they’ve got a lot of money wrapped up in Ball and Caruso.
Just gotta hope they trade Coby White in the off season so Ayo can move up in the rotation
Hope you are right, but I think Ayo’s 2nd contract is someplace other than the Bulls. When Ball comes back, minutes will be tough.
Regular season would be fine (without White), but for the playoffs I agree. Hope he doesn't have to move on, though you could definitely be right.


Baffling how you can beat a team one night, and then 2 days later be down *thirty* on your home floor to the same team 🙃🙃🙃


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Ayo just hit two threes in a row to try and help get the Bulls back into it. The second three, Vuc actually looked for him in the corner, passing up a layup. Come on, Billy, sorry that Caruso got hurt again, but keep Ayo in, and give him a chance to help pull this out!
For much of this Sunday game, the Bulls have run an Offense with Ayo setting up in the corner on the weak side and waiting for a pass. And the other Bulls are not looking for him and kicking the ball off to some other Bull who is missing Threes BADLY. Or, forcing a shot when trying to drive into traffic and then making a mess.

Hello? Is this the best kind of Offense to win games? And if you’re going to have Ayo set up in the corner... hey other Bulls, how about hitting him with a pass once in a while? He knows what to do with it when he gets it.


Rockford, Illinois
I would keep Ayo, Lonzo, and Williams blow the rest up. This is going nowhere.

Vooch might overtake Boozer for me as the biggest empty stat guy I've watched.
I’d also keep Derozan if I could…
P.S. Another steal by Ayo, who seems to be the Bull’s best spark.
P.S.S. I despise Grayson Allen. That is all.
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Ayo with the best +/- of any player with more than 6 minutes with a -7 in 29 min of gametime. Coby White had a -17 in just 12 min of time.
I’d also keep Derozan if I could…
I like DeRozan but if you're blowing things up it makes sense to move on from him. On the wrong side of 30 and won't have more trade value than he does now. If the Vuc trade hadn't happened the Bulls could've made a very easy and quick pivot to rebuilding with youth. Imagine adding Franz Wagner (plus WCJ and another first rounder) to the young guys on the team...