Illini in the Pros



Centennial, CO
It's almost as if you can improve your skills by being a professional 24/7 instead of dealing with NCAA practice restrictions, academics, and playing with and against inferior competition.
I wouldn't be so sure about that last part. Talent and coaching in the B1G just might be a cut above what he's playing against in his current Japanese league.
Danny Ainge is a really smart GM that knows how to get the most out of guys in ways that other organizations don't. If Kofi did end up playing games for the Jazz, I bet they could unlock something there.
...and the Bulls give up 75 points in the 2nd half to lose.

I'm an Ayo fan, not very much a Bulls/NBA fan, but I'm a bit surprised they didn't pull the pin at the deadline and attempt some form of reboot.

AK apparently thinks Vuc will re-sign and that they can still build a team around him, Lavine, and Demar.

With the way this season has gone, it shouldn't be a surprise to see the Bulls blow another big lead in Indiana. They were up 24 after the first quarter and still lost. And you can't blame it on the 3 pointers because the Bulls were something like 15-34 from 3 tonight.