Illini Women's Basketball 2023-2024

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Folks, this is a big damn deal. When anyone goes to look up the history of this tournament years later they will see Illinois won the inaugural in 2024.
Especially since the NCAA owns rights to the WBIT and is trying to make it like the NIT

The WNIT is not run by the NCAA

Closing out the season with five wins in a row. So happy for the team and staff. So proud of KB with yet another double double. We owned the boards. Camille playing tough down low. My Ms. Minnesota playing her heart out as always. Last but certainly not least the Dynamic Duo in the backcourt. It's a bad thing when a team sends Cookie to the bench early. Man! What a second half to remember. Congratulations to the staff as well. I hope some athletes were tuned in and watching. As Coach Underwood was saying the other night, Illinois has a lot to offer. Oskee wow wow!
Beauty of this team is the starters gel well together. Cook was on a heater this tournament and best 5 game stretch of shooting for her all season. McKenzie might have off games offensively but shows up on the defensive end. Bulldog had a +15 rating off of 0-8 shooting and 1 FT made. Bring back the majority of these ladies plus recruits/incoming transfers and fans should be excited :illinois:
Not to put a damper on things. But we benefited by #1 seed Miami opting out and playing Stoneybrook instead. So there were really only 3 #1 seeds. The way we were playing though there was no doubt who was the best team. Josh needs to lock up Shauna with a raise and extension! She is special.
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