Illini Women's Basketball 2023

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To be down by 1 at half is a win with the way we played the first half

Bostic in pain and almost like she is waiting for the rebound to fall in her hands. MSU post players are jumping for the ball and attacking the glass.

Honestly I can't say anything about us not having any FTs. We are getting some open shots and driving to the basket but not much contact from MSU yet.

McKenzie is the X-factor on this team and plays like a bulldog. If this young lady was 6'2 she would be a beast. Hopefully her toughness can rub off on a few more ladies coming out of halftime and outside shooting from Cook and little more from Bryant continue.

The Galloping Ghost

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Adalia with a big 4 points at the end of the quarter. KB is gutting it out, but it's a bummer she's less than 100 percent. Even still we need to keep her out of foul trouble in the second half. Cook with a couple of turnovers at the half, but still scoring at will. We're shooting nearly 50% right now, but are getting killed at the free-throw line. They've outshot us 12(10-12)-0. Thankfully, after Carter dropped 8 on us in the first quarter we switched it up and sagged into the paint every time she touched the ball. We gotta continue to limit them from getting easy points in the paint. All in all, a solid first half. This game is completely winnable.


Gotta step away from the computer but I'll be checking the score. Let's bring home a win!


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Starting a pool to buy this guy a plane ticket to Des Moines…

Who’s in? 😉


[Oh, and GO, Illini women‼️]


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A humongous amount of bumping and hand checking NOT being called on state.....
Kate is severely limited compared to her usual self.

Mckenzie is the most athletic player we have and her last drive on the baseline for a layup was poetry in motion..

We need to get Shoup-Hill and Peebles some open looks for some 3's.....

Alright Illini Nation , this 2nd half belongs to the Illini

Hmm, my screen still at halftime ????
they knock us down going for a steal .... no foul
We are again fighting the lack of height battle.
but why are taller teams allowed to foul on offense and defense? we are getting away from driving inside and are taking poor outside shots
and I post ... Makira drives for layup and a foul is actually called

The Galloping Ghost

Washington, DC
Pretty nightmarish first five minutes of the quarter. Now gotta claw it back in the second five. We desperately need to calm down and run our offense. We're getting rushed and bullied.
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