Illini Women's Basketball 2023

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If 20+ wins and a NCAA Tourney invite would have been predicted before the season started we would have all been over the moon. A great season by any measure. We need a good big and another ballhandler in the Portal. Great season ladies and coach Green!!
I think we need a big and a long athletic wing who can hopefully shoot as well.


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Illinois will be fine in the 1-3 spots next season. Adding the two recruits and hopefully Jackson can contribute that is 3 more bodies in the 5'10-5'11 range to add depth.

We NEED immediate help from transfer portal in the post. Bostic/Shoup-Hill played good this season but we saw what happens with foul trouble/injuries/off games will happen. Shoup-Hill offensively is not much of inside presence and Bostic got a lot of inside work off the boards instead of set plays. First is to get some height....even better if they have good foot speed and mobile. Bostic/Shoup-Hill are good players but they need help on the boards and looked fatigued at times. Shoup-Hill stepped up this season from playing 6 mins/game at Dayton to 25 mins/game at Illinois in her Sophomore season. We need at least 1 quality player at their level who can start or rotate between them.
The end of the season had to feel so abrupt to my favorite WBB team last night. For so many years the players knew when the season would be ending weeks in advance, unless we somehow won the conference tourney.
As they get beyond the disappointment of this final game I hope they will be proud of all they accomplished this season. What an unexpected and in many ways magical season. I know I will always look upon them as the team
that launched the return of Illinois WBB to being a relevant and competitive program. So thank you Fighting Illini WBB coaches and players for the gift of this wonderful season.
Once An Illini Always An Illini
Congratulations on a very improved season ladies, looking forward to the future with this program!!!!
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