Illinois 48, Indiana 45 OT Postgame

Maybe we are in the win by a little stage of the rebuild? I really don't know, but a few thoughts.
1) Great win, and really sets us up for a bowl - and potentially a nice, warm FL bowl - if we can shock Iowa and hold serve against NW
2) Paddock has to be the starter the final 2 God willing and no injuries. I love Luke's long term potential, but he can learn a lot by watching how Paddock gets rid of the ball without hesitation. At least give Paddock the majority of the series rest of the year.
3) Coaching staff has to stop playing not to lose. It's killing us game after game, and the players have been able to overcome it a few times this season
4) Said it before, but we are a poorly coached team. Both coordinators would not be back if I were BB. Doubt he does that due to recruiting, etc. but it needs to happen. The lack of discipline in game 10 of the season is not acceptable.
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To the best of my recollection, Iā€™m thinking this might be the first time Illini have won in the all-orange uniform, helmet-jersey-pants


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I think they saw someone that they wanted to play for years and it was less of a risk to offend the walk on legacy than the SEC transfer.

Still doesn't look like the right call now though

I think Paddock is simply a better fit in Lunney's offense. He checks down quicker, gets the ball out quicker, and makes better decisions. Zero fear.

It still shouldn't save Lunney's job.