Illinois 71, Wisconsin 70 POSTGAME

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Thankful for this redemption game #2. We need everything we can get after that ugly Mizzou loss. Great win tonight!
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Am I mistaken or did I see a graphic during the game that said WI had he's the Illini to 70 points or fewer in 28 straight games? We ended that streak as well!

Edit - I think the stat was right, last time we scored more than 70 was January 25th, 2005 when we won 75-65. We were ranked #1 (obviously) and they were ranked #18.
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Can't say enuff about the TOUGHNESS those guys showed 2nd half and down the stretch! Ayo,Griff, Frazier with HUGE 3's. And some stops the last couple minutes!
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Love that you can see improvement from every heart breaking loss. Ayo got the kick out to Trent for 3 to take the lead, instead of dribbling into traffic. Played good D but didnt foul. Handled the press and pressure and didnt toss the ball around. I'd take hitting free throws late but 3/4 ain't bad.
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Not being a downer, but man these guys better figure out how to drain shots, so we can win more games comfortably.
There was a play where Wisconsin got a second chance rebound and put up another shot and Ayo went up and absolutely ripped it away from Giorgi. He was playing mad and it was the most intense I've seen him play, and I told everyone he was going to win it for us in crunch time. What a performance all around, but his 5 points at the end and the dish to Trent were all great.

Team hit shots and played tough. Love how they hung close and how hard they brought it at the end.
Great effort to hang in there and win on the road! Haven't looked at the stats but seemed like Ayo had some big rebounds and really good all around game.