Illinois 71, Wisconsin 70 POSTGAME


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I bet Illini are going to have me great time on the ride home. Or do they fly?

Great job. Nice unis again. Beat Rutgers.
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Snapping that Wisconsin skid feels like breaking out of jail.
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good win, nice to see this game closed out - all that counts. Hopefully they get some confidence rolling
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Beautiful game, nice to see such effort from the guards and bigs in the game and finish so well. I also like having the chance for a positive post (instead of negative rants) after a game. Plus a road win in the conference. Things are looking up for the Illini at this point.
Great win. We used to scrap out wins like this back in the late 90's/2000's. Gritty, I love it!

Right now we're 4th in the B1G!!!
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First time we scored 70 or more against Wisconsin since the January 2005 game when we broke their long win streak. A friend and I were at the Kohl Center for that game. We were threatened out on the street by several Badger fans more than once. No class at all. Gonna kick two old guys butts because they lost. Screw em!
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So I lived up in the woods in WI for a year and a half, in Door County where lot's of Chicagoan's own vacay homes and/or vacay during the summer. While there I learned that they refer to said Illinoisans as FIB's.......( Illinois Bast....s)..or FIBWAB's...(FIB With A Boat).

I took it in stride as they are mostly a friendly bunch of cheese eating, cow milking, bar flys.....but this year we pwned them!!

So remember on your vaycay in WI this year and wear your orange and blue as a "friendly" reminder!!
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A lot of truth there. In years past this would have ended much differently. This is the kind of "swagger" I want this team to have. The gritty, tough, find a way to win kind of swagger.

It starts at the top, Underwood is arrogant in all the right ways. Second to last question of the post-game press conference asked Underwood if switching baskets in 2nd half made a difference (as WI bench was calling out Illini plays in the 1st). Underwood's response: "If they want my play card, I'll give it to them. They still have to guard it."
How about pulling that off after the ridiculous foul differentials! A+ across the board! Win at Wisky after 15 yrs deserves it! Especially after they beat OSU at their place!
Yeah, we were getting hosed on ticky tack fouls. One thing that was underrated was when Brad switched Kipper onto King. Even though King had a blow by, we slowed him down for that. Also, I thought we were going to lose on that ridiculous foul called on Kofi when Trice was driving. We hanged tough. When Griffin got some minutes, in the 2nd half and got going, we werent going to lose. He needs to not be so aggressive defensively, but he can board, shoot, and drive a little. I thought for all the fouls Wisconsin got away with an offensive hook on every other possession in the post.

Big W. Keep it going and we can make some noise in the tourney.