Illinois 74, Wisconsin 69 Postgame

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Just another thought for some of the negative nancies.....from saturday to saturday this was our FOURTH game, and that included travelling to three different places, and losing our best player.

Meanwhile wisky has rested 6 days before this. These kids arent machines, there will be some letdowns in this situation, and it was offensive execution and some sharpness on that end.

From my perspective we should be proud af of this team. Give em a break, damn
I would say that Loss, Loss and Loss would knock us out of a 2 seed. Minimum of three games remaining.
Certainly possible but other teams have to pass us too, which isn't a given. Not a lot of really strong resumes sitting on the 3 and 4 lines right now as far as I see it.

Even if we do drop down to a 3 I don't think that's a huge difference. I think dropping down to a 4 seed would be a much bigger issue, and I think today's win definitively prevented that possibility.
Today's win is now the 8th Quad 1 victory for Illinois, tying OSU for most in the country. KenPom a solid 6 (behind Iowa, Houston, and the 3 top teams) with the rating increased from the win, NET rating of 5 (Houston passed them in the past week), WAB up to 4 (ahead of OSU and a touch behind Baylor), SOR still at 5 behind OSU.

Michigan up to 2 in all ratings, looks to be more of a 1 seed lock than Baylor at this point.

There are rare cases when I want some of what Kenpom is smoking. Houston being ahead of us is horrendous.
There are rare cases when I want some of what Kenpom is smoking. Houston being ahead of us is horrendous.
It's adjusted efficiency, and Houston is mini-Gonzaga when it comes to efficiency margin within conference. Add to that the American conference is better than the WCC, and non conference good wins over Texas Tech and Western Kentucky (both at-large worthy teams), and their numbers are simply better on a per-possession level. Houston isn't going to get a 1 seed, though, so it's a moot point, they're just going to be a super dangerous 3 seed most likely.
If Ayo can play, I hope he plays. Illinois is not going to win the Big 10 title, but there's still chance at being a 1 seed. I really don't want the Illini to be a 2 seed in Baylor or Gonzaga's bracket.
The fact that these guys overcame Trice's heroics shows what warriors they are, and cool under pressure with late game FTs. For those who are complaining, look what these Illini overcame over this stretch:

3:30 Trice jumper
2:38 Potter 3
2:16 Trice 3
1:58 Trice 3
1:30 Trice fouled, makes both FTs
0:54 Trice fouled, makes both FTs
0:38 Trice 3
0:18 Trice 3
0:08 Trice 3

If you're wondering why I haven't listed any misses, it's because there weren't any!
Trice even banked one in late. Insane!
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Walking back to the locker room like...
Look closely and you'll see another turnover there!
Two interesting stats:

Not sure if it was mentioned earlier, but Curbelo had just 1 assist, and he tied Kofi with 7 rebounds.
If Ayo can play, I hope he plays. Illinois is not going to win the Big 10 title, but there's still chance at being a 1 seed. I really don't want the Illini to be a 2 seed in Baylor or Gonzaga's bracket.
Wouldn't prefer it but if it is it is. You can't worry about who is in your bracket. It's the Ncaa tournament where anything can happen.
Unfortunately it seems like Hawkins has regressed
A lot

I don't see regression I see him trying to be more aggressive and make plays buts he's not quite ready for that yet. He had some easy or found opportunities before that made it maybe look like he was farther along than he was. He always looked somewhat lost on defense but you can definitely see the potential.

I was really surprised after BU took the timeout and the firsthand and was screaming at Hawkins after that terrible stretch. I thought we weren't going to see him again the rest of the game but he got back out there a couple times.
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Now scale it based on the number of wins available... we have 40 opportunities now, but in 04-05 we had only 32 right? 28/32 = 87.5%. We would need 35 to match that performance and the most we can get is 29...
True, but we also need to compare the strength of the B1G these last 2 years vs 04-05.
I have to think those who get stressed out by Curbelo just can't handle anything negative, ever.

To me, he's the most exciting player to watch since Damonte's Pops.
I mean, measuring in terms of the number of “wow” plays, Ayo is up there amongst HRF. Different types of “wow” plays, but still. Curbelo will give us many a “wow” in his time here. I can’t wait!
Damonte obviously needs to tone down the tough guy thing, but I think it’s wrong to suggest he almost cost us the game. It is wrong to think that a double tech means two guys simultaneously committed tech-worthy offenses. It’s used by the refs to stop a situation before it starts. Boroski called a double tech pointing at both guys. It’s not like Damonte got bailed out by a second offsetting offense. I’d like to say there’s no way Bo swings the game there with a single tech either way when there wasn’t even a shove, but I suppose with big ten refs you never know.
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As aggravating as it was to watch, we beat a ranked team, in the strongest conference in the country, on their home floor, without our star All-American and potential have to feel good about that result regardless of how it was done.
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I don't know about you but I already had none. Michigan is on another level at this point. They've now won @wiscy, @OSU, and trashed Iowa. I hate them but I'll call it like it is.

Baylor and Gonzaga
Everyone else
Yup. Illinois is one of the only teams in the country that wouldn't shock people to win at AA.

They are just stellar. Illinois has enough pieces, but Michigan is strides ahead in putting theirs together. The guys will be dogs on Tuesday and that's fine.
Spot on - we can lose the next two and we’re still a 2 seed in Baylor or Gonzaga’s region - if we split- we should be the last 1 seed and that would be huge to avoid Baylor and Gonzaga’s bracket
Yep, we've won 9 out of the last 10, IIRC have clinched at least a tie for second place (maybe lose a tie breaker) in the BT which most experts agree is the toughest conference in the country. Pretty d*mn good season if you ask me.

Now a nice run in the dance is what I'm waiting for.
BTT or Michigan? who cares. any wins before the dance is just gravy to me.
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