Illinois 83, Duke 68 Postgame


You know Bilas will be talking about this game in 3 years when Curbelo is a first-team all American.
I lived in Illinois forever and I moved to Missouri 2 years ago. I hope Illinois beats the snot out of mizzou..
That being said, No matter what Illinois does, win or lose, some so called fans Are always critical. Makes no sense to me
I have a feeling Duke will drop out of the top 25 this season. Quote me
Never liked Duke, but at least respected Coach K...until the whole Grayson Allen "suspension." I don't think Duke is a very good team right now, but they have ultra-talented players. It was awkward listening to, I think it was Bilas, talking about where Duke will get their scoring from. Duke has six high school 5-star players, and a total of nine high school top-100 (lowest player, minus the transfer and Goldwire, they have on the roster was ranked 52). By the end of the season, they'll be a very good team.
man you know youre good when your fans say you have an "eh" game while going for 18, 12, and 5 haha

For any other player in the country that's a game they played amazing. Feels good to have a guy that it seems like a meh game when he puts up a stat line like that.
Georgi is looking solid this year.. and he finally got that sweet baby hook to fall.
It's all about confidence. Last year, trying to adjust to Kofi threw Giorgi off. Another great example of confidence is Damonte Williams. He always had that in him, but the injury at the end of high school took a lot out of him physically and mentally.
More turnovers than assists, duke murdered us in offensive boards (but that happens when they miss a lot and we don't). Kofi and Ayo had ehh games again and we still win by 15. We're legit. Crazy how much depth we'll have when Hawkins and Grandson figure it out.
Whats so 'ehhh' about a double-double against a top 10 team on the road?
Great game. I think Duke was a little overrated, but with their youth could lose a couple more early, but could be a tough out come tourney time. Illinois showed just how good they could be though. Things that I think will make the difference between elite 8 and National championship type seasons:

Rebounding-we’ve given up a ton of offensive rebounds in the last two games.
Curbelo, Trent, Miller and Damonte - play smart and take what’s given to you (which means Trent probably needs to shoot more when he’s open, and Curbelo needs to not try to force it as much). Trent needs to realize he's still capable of putting up 30.
Kofi-When you get the ball ask yourself WWSD (What would Shaq Do?) Finish stronger and hold onto the ball
Ayo-Be the best player on the floor. Didn’t feel like he started that way tonight, but definitely ended up being it after looking at the boards in the box score.

That's my view on the keys to success. Let's beat Mizzou and have a fun Big Ten season!
This was a below avg. game for the Illini...and you can be certain BU and the players know that. The game was won because one team shot the lights out and the other was shooting in the dark...pretty simple. Never seen a Duke team shoot that poorly...or for that matter....very few Illini teams shoot that well....since 1956 when we got our first TV and I started watching Manny Jackson and Govoner Vaughn compliments of Chesty potato chips. Likely we will never see such a disparity with the poorer shooting team walking away with a win. But that ultimately is what basketball is all about....putting the ball in the basket. However, the rest of the play was at very best average. It will be a good win on the resume, but for anyone watching, until this team cleans up the turnovers, passing, bad fouls, and free throw shooting, they will be beatable by the Ohios and Northwesterns on the schedule and struggle to get past the Second Round.

But do that, and they can beat anyone. They can do and accomplish whatever they set their minds to. With a willingness to listen to the coaches and work hard, they can achieve beyond their dreams. Anything worth accomplishing at that level comes with discipline and hard work. Just do it!
I would not call it a below average game. Illinois was very good at times and careless at others. Effort was there the whole game. It was a very good game for the Illini except for one stat, which has been a problem this year - turnovers.
Outstanding win. We shot well and we guarded well. Curbelo is going to be special. Miller's shooting is such a difference. Ayo is so good that you he puts up 18/12/5 and we don't blink because it's expected. What a kid! Kofi just changes games.

But we've got to value the ball just a little more. I wouldn't want to limit Cubelo and Frazier's aggressiveness too much, but that's the one thing I think we need to clean up.
New Orleans
I would not call it a below average game. Illinois was very good at times and careless at others. Effort was there the whole game. It was a very good game for the Illini except for one stat, which has been a problem this year - turnovers.
wasn't the 95' game we won at Duke the one with about 22 turnovers?