Illinois 94, Minnesota 63 Postgame

Dallas,TX , Born and raised in Alton,Illinois
Well done young men and coaches, best performance to this point in this season.... IMHO rest for the wicked (be very proud of yourself today) one game at a time .
Baltimore, MD
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Iowa last year to finish the season was pretty amazing.
groces first year..

Going into the kennel and smackdown'ing the zags after weeks of people talking about how hard it is to win there. Vaulted us to top 10 i believe

And bonus points for the zags studnet section getting BP3s number and texting him all week leading into the game and him doing the "call me" motion to them after the game
What a riches of great Illini basket ball we enjoy. When we got it going downhill at the start of he second half, Ace's dunk, Giorgi's dunk, seemingly everybody scoring, we looked unbeatable.

Then just toss in an Ayo triple double. What riches we enjoy.
Ayo's future riches are also growing! What do lottery picks make these days, anyway?
Got to hand it to all the guys today, Ayo Silver, Starbucks Kofi, AceWolf Ventura, Curb Appeal, Giorgi (Can I Buy a Vowel Please Vanna) Bezhvanishvili, Jake the Snake, DMFW, and Blazin' Frasier. Heck, there was even a Bossman ForDunk sighting at the end. Everyone who saw the floor worked their asp off. Great team win.