Illinois 94, Minnesota 63 Postgame

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Has a jersey ever been retired mid-season?

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I'll update this after the Purdue-Nebraska game ends, but for now, the per possession B1G standings:


More separation between the top 4 and everyone else. Michigan maintaining their dominant margin to this point, we'll see what happens tomorrow. Minnesota looks a lot better if the games against Illinois didn't count. However, overall, this is starting to become a very accurate comparison tool as to relative strengths of teams in the conference. Clear top 4 of Michigan, Illinois, Iowa and Ohio State (with Michigan a half step ahead of anybody), a second tier of Purdue, Wisconsin and Rutgers safely in the NCAA field, and then a third tier of Indiana, Maryland, PSU, Minnesota and Michigan State that fancy runs at a bid yet, with IU, Maryland and Minnesota maintaining the best overall profiles. Northwestern and Nebraska are bringing up the rear, but Nebraska's flurry of games has shown their improvement, at least on the defensive end.
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Wow....watched the game here on the Enterprise and the Illini played the universal perfect game.....out of this world great game...
Tell Trent he can take the handcuffs off of Marcus Carr....Incredible defense, I know who to call when the Romulans attack again....
Wow, Ayo with another triple double.....amazing player top 5 all time Illini , IMHO


Even some of my new friends are now Illini fanatics....

The path of the Illini leads to fulfillment and a celestial level never achieved before.....To walk a journey of greatness you must believe in yourself and those around you....what we saw today was a performance of talented young lads
wanting to make this a season to remember for eternity.......Go in peace to the promised land of your dreams.....

Brad...we get mas no mas....once was enough , ok ?
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Has anyone nationally ever mentioned that PLAYER of the Year includes defense? If Garza and Ayo are comparable offensively, Ayo’s defense and our record should put Ayo in the lead.
Anyone who is still saying Garza leads over Ayo for that honor now, is a hack. You are correct, Ayo's D and all around game is better than Garza.
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Ayo is now leading the b10 in conference play assists.....both total and per game

So as of now he's

3rd in scoring
1st in assists
23rd in boards
10th fg%
15th in steals
POY of the year. With todays performance. Has to be his.. There will be alot of him on TV over the next 12 days. We are going to have our first POY in college ball this year.