Illinois 94, Minnesota 63 Postgame

I like that BU left Ayo in... This game should be fun and for the kids. Ayo deserves all the accolades he can get, regardless if coaches in the past would've sat him on the bench or not.
Agree...but.....if Ayo rolls an ankle before getting that last rebound.....makes it difficult to defend the decision of leaving him in.....not to mention the effect on the rest of the season
During a pandemic, and a crappy winter, I just wanted to say thank you to the players and coaches for bringing us joy, and so much fun. Whatever happens down the stretch, we will all remember this season for a long time!
Watching these young men grow as a team, expand their game and improve their weaknesses, and compete and win against the nation's best teams, has been just what the doctor ordered for Illini fans. The freshmen have played a huge part also.
Agree...but.....if Ayo rolls an ankle before getting that last rebound.....makes it difficult to defend the decision of leaving him in.....not to mention the effect on the rest of the season
I see both sides of it. Not sure how it went down, but at that point I’d probably give Ayo the option if he wanted to stay in and go for it or not. I assume that’s what happened.

As far as injuries, we have been fortunate for a long time to not have anything serious. Minnesota was short handed today and it showed. Even at full strength we win easily playing like this.
Just finished watching the second half replay. Say what you want about Belo, but the kid has true star power. I don’t know about Underwood, but I always want a team member who is like a thorobred that needs to be reined occasionally rather than a donkey who constantly needs a 2x4 whack over the head just to get him started.
Boy was I wrong about this game. Figured it would be a dog fight. Agree that this is the most complete game I have seen an IL team play probably since Gonzaga at their place. If they can keep rolling like this with contributions from others in addition to Ayo and Kofi I like our chances against anyone!
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I was trying to think of another Illini basketball game that was as much fun to watch as this one. Maybe when we beat No 1 rated Wake Forest 91-73 back on Dec 1, 2004. Did everyone else notice that Kofi was taking layups early this season and at some point, he started dunking almost every time he is near the cylinder? A really nice mid-season adjustment by the big man. Ayo and Kofi are so much better this season than last season, amazing improvement and great decisions to come back this year.
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It would be nice, but I’d rather see him go Lotto
I so agree with this. Never had an Illini deserved it more. Kid is special and is especially smart. This season probably makes him 20 million more. Could not be happier for him. Kofi should see it and then watch Azubuke for Philly and do the same thing.
I'm probably one of the more pessimistic posters on here, but even in the pre-game thread I felt good about this one. Just an incredible full game performance from the lads. This team can be lethal when the role players step up. Grandison had a great game, Ace showed us something we haven't seen before, and of course Damonte did his thing. Let's dial this thing home and keep on working towards getting some championships, BIG or NCAA
Purdue handled Nebraska, so here are updated per possession standings after the game:


You can also see how much one game affects the numbers, which, after this many games, is not much. Nebraska has nearly caught the rest of the conference in games, while Michigan is about 4 games behind (and will basically remain that way).
Players that we are recruiting notice things like Brad did today by leaving Ayo in. I love it
True...but....IF Ayo had gotten injured in those last few minutes trying to reach the triple double, with the game totally in control, coaches and players both would have question if it was such a wise injury that could have jeopardized the rest of the season for Ayo and his teammates would have not been worth having said all that I'm glad Ayo got the historic triple double....and ecstatic he did it without any injury
It was no doubt a great team win. Many outstanding individual performances on both ends. However, let's not act like their 3rd best player (ayo defender) didn't play and 2nd best player was not significantly hampered.
Not taking anything away from the win but these factors have to be mentioned and weighed in.
Just picture Trent not playing and Kofi having an ankle sprain.
That was so freaking good. Such a satisfying win. I could rewatch that again and again. Maybe I will.... 👀

Ayo with his 2nd triple double!
The lobs and dunks!
Great 87% FT shooting!
Last second half court buzzer beater!
27 assists!
+10 rebound margin
9 steals!

this was the most complete game.
Oskee wow wow!

Anyone know how many dunks we had?