Illinois Football Recruiting Thread

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A question for you Illini0440. I read that BB was on the phone during the draft to transfer portal players. How many rides do we have left and what are we looking to fill at thIs point?
Every single good DB in the country should seriously think about Illinois and what we (Illinois) could do for their career. 4 DB's drafted in the last 2 years. We are DB U now.
From what I read, we had the three highest DB per one school drafted this year. It would not surprise me to see Henry on some lists next year if we get to a nice bowl.


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Um I wanna say off the top of my head we have 3 rides left. Looking to fill all 3. WR, IOL and possibly a DB

I've noticed pretty much any decent lineman entering this portal this spring is getting deluged with offers. Would be interesting if these trends will create a different decision making process in future years (such as linemen waiting until the spring instead of the fall to transfer due to elevated demand).
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