Illinois Football Recruiting Thread

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Hearing some very positive things regarding a couple of the visitors we have on campus …

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I would imagine the juco’s realize they would be starters on day 1
Brutal. I loved his tape.
Not sure this one is "brutal". Sorry to lose him but we were his only P5 offer. At this point, I'd be worried about other potential decommits that would be more significant. I really hope not but following up last year's nice season with the disappointment that was this year could impact some kids.


Do we know yet which members of this recruiting class will be here for the spring? Or do we need to wait until signing day in early Dec to find that out?
Depending on the narrative you want to spin, he hasn't picked up any P5 offers in many months, so maybe Illinois recommended moving on. Orrrrr you could point out that he was flirting with FAU and USF this fall, meaning it's possible he wanted to stay closer to home.

Fact is we de-committed from him a while ago and he just stayed committed to sell coaches that Illinois feels like I can play for them so you better offer me … 🤷🏻‍♂️


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I mentioned in late summer that I didn't quite understand why the staff brought in a lot of freshman last year, plus tons of transfers, for the secondary, when they also brought in three more freshman while also signaling the plan to bring in more transfers after the season. At some point you can't keep bringing in six guys every offseason. Now, there are lots of concerns about the secondary. The positive is you picked up a ton of snaps for true and redshirt freshman. Some optimism for Tobe, Resetich, Nicholson. Bailey should be healthy to start the year. Hill should be healthy to start the year. Hopefully a year of coaching for the defensive staff will mean some strides on the back end.
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