Illinois Football Uniforms

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Would love to see this version of the arched Illini.
Would be interesting to see the underlined Illinois with our current jerseys.

I would also like to see how those helmets would look with solid color orange/blue jerseys and not those weird pinstripe/polo collars jerseys we had at the time.

So glad that we aren't paying attention to abomination uniforms that we're from the Beckman era. That metal sheen finish was BLEH


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Melt that garbage third helmet at 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit!


Land O Insects between Quincy-Macomb-Jacksonville
Unpopular opinion: I despise this helmet with every fiber of my being!!!!!! All it does reminds of 0-11, Ron Guenther, Lou Tepper, and a crap ton of trash football. It is a trash helmet, nothing but a knockoff of the 80s New York Giants, a helmet that was overrated as Bill Parcells himself! Screw this helmets. As a Cowboys I rather have an orange and blue version of any Redskins helmet or blue and orange version of the One Hit Wonder Eagles helmets complete with the Kingfisher as a mascot. Well a winged helmet or one with the Astros logo (I am a Rangers fan too) would just as insulting. Screw this helmet!

I’m not big on the numbers. Not bad, just not my favorite. I like how with “Illinois” they went all white lettering, with no blue outline. The helmet of the last conference championship. That style is back, and it looks good when the Giants do their version.

For the “illini” helmet, I do think orange face masks would’ve been cool, but gray is better. With those helmet stripes down the middle its placement is perfect for the shapes of the helmets today. Really hope either ‘Illini’ or ‘Illinois’ becomes permanent. ‘Illini’ would be my choice. We’ll see.

Only thing missing are the Chief helmet stickers. That’d be asking too much though
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Absolutely hated the Giants knockoff slant Illinois then and hate it now. The most uninspired generic copycat version ever.

I’m with you on that, was so happy to see them gone. I get it as a throwback, but they are just awful.

The funny thing is my kid’s high school uses the same slant underline, and I love their helmets.
i might be the only one that liked the anodized orange helmets of the 2014 rebrand. i think the white helmets from that set also really popped.

that being said, i think the arched illini are my favorite of the bunch. i feel like if one or two of the helmets take the world by storm there's a non-zero chance they could replace today's standard block I


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I’d argue it’s far less generic than just the letter “I”
I am biased, but I definitely agree. I will admit that it is not the "coolest" helmet in the world. But I think it is charming and unique. If you see our current uniforms from afar with the "I" helmet, it could be confused from afar as a Syracuse uniform. But there is no mistaking the ILLINOIS helmet for another school, and I think that is something we should embrace.
The arced/curved Illini is the best helmet of these three, has been the best helmet we've ever had, and will remain that way whether we use it moving forward or not. God told me this in a dream last night so I think that pretty much wraps up this discussion.
Let's just win. Then I will like all the helmets.


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Speaking of, why do the people who say “I hate the Slant Illinois, it’s just copying the Giants!” also almost unanimously want numbers on our helmet?
I can see and comprehend that the numbers on the helmets connote a "no, it's the children who are wrong" provocation against modernity that is always fan catnip for these sorts of things. That is the level on which it's operating.

But as you note, I so strongly associate numbers on the helmets as "Alabama" that I don't comprehend how it acquires that "vintage" appeal.
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