Illinois Golf 2023-24

I don't believe you can change mid tourney regular season. those 3 are playing as individuals not as part of the team. If that was the case everybody would bring 8 instead of 5 and just rotate who was hot. this has been discussed in the past and you can do it to some level I believe in the championship. There are hurdles due to rankings and what qualifies players for the end of the year graduations to pro golf. if the ruled changed it was very recent.

Any of the bottom three in for Goeke and we gain a min of 4 strokes and a max of 15 for the tourney. But this isn't in a vacuum, when you are in the counting spots the pressure is higher for sure.
Gotcha. I’m pretty sure in the postseason tournaments you can do that. I think it started with allowing an injury substitution and they quickly realized that it would impossible to verify who was really injured and who the coach just wanted to sub out. Now all teams bring 6 and play 5 in the postseason. You are right that it would be an unfair advantage in this event where pretty much all the teams just bring 5.
Still got 9 holes to go and only 1 tournament but it seems to be the best 5 for illinois currently is the vets (minus the transfers) and herendeen
4 Golfers In the top 11 individually and another in the top 25 and still in 5th place. Guess we made the wrong choices for who would participate as a team.
Mike small knows that he didn’t put his best lineup out there I bet. He’s doing it this way to motivate some people who should be playing better. Just my 2 cents he’s done it in the past especially in the fall
Piercen out of most players has the most stretches of just bad golf. Has to be more mentally tough and consistent. Can’t keep going 3-5 over in a span of 3-5 holes once a round. Kills your score.
For rankings finishing with VCU or ahead will help. 3rd could be worse but finishing way behind isu and Purdue ain’t great
Ouch a triple on a par 5 for Timmy the same hole piercen tripled round 1 and we will not beat VCU. Rough
Not the end of the world but not great either. I'm certain there are qualifiers throughout the week and this team is simple not set in stone.

Max and Jackson did plenty to win, but others not enough. Ethan gets a passing grade because he had an under par round in the 1st but Timmy was not up to snuff and Goeke didn't offer much either. If you can go at least one round a tourney you are useful in a team format. Many coaches are ok with the kid that goes 68-75-75 because they know they have steady depth that will offset the 75 with 72s, or something along those lines. I think smart views Goeke that way. I thought Jerry would be that steady par shooter and maybe he will be that yet, but he has been up and down the last couple years. I think the top 5 is wide open
Boys are back at it today. Buchanan, Max, Tyler, Jerry, & Vois, It looks like Wilson and Crawford are playing as individuals.


St. Peters MO
what a crazy day for the boys. We have the overall leader by 6 strokes and another guy in the top 5 who are not even counting and we are still tied for the lead!

What an insane second round by the team. -13 under to counteract a very mediocre 1st round. this is a boost we really needed. Lets hope it continues tomorrow and they get this one.
got a fight on our hands here today, Everybody is playing well. who is gonna get hot and go low. need to keep that 4th score at even, can't be having to count above par like in the 1st round and last tourney. keep the floor high.
How can the 6 illini have a total score of 18 under and the team is 5 under?
How can the 6 illini have a total score of 18 under and the team is 5 under?
Each team brings 5 players that count towards the team score. Each 18 holes you count your best 4 of 5 scores. In this tournament Crawford and Wilson were brought as individuals and don’t count towards the team score.