Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread

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Wilkes-Barre, PA
Golf Sprinkler GIF
Penny just moments after making the call to Gibbs-Lawhorn


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“Nunca sabes.”
Nope, still not one word.

Other classic quotes credited to Joaquin:
“That’s why I don’t talk: because I talk too much.”
“How can I play baseball if I’m stupid? If I was stupid, I wouldn’t have pitched in the World Series - I’d be playing ball in Mexico, or Yugoslavia… or on Pluto.”
“I throw the ball ninety-two miles an hour, but they hit it back just as hard.”

He would have fit in well with our game threads on IL…
Sounds like he would get along with Yogi Berra and Satchel Paige.

the changing face of college basketball

"But here’s where it all gets interesting. Winning isn’t everything these days. As the NIL generation takes hold of the college game, these kids aren’t just charting who gets to the tournament, who wins big, who cuts down the nets. In fact, that’s one or two steps down the list.

“No. 1, everybody wants a check,’’ Cassidy said.

Then they want to know who Underwood, for instance, has put into the league. A route to the NBA is 1B to the money up front, which is 1A."
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